Terrorists Groups Supported In “Fake Letter”

PUBLISHED: 12:43 AM 31 Jan 2018

“Fake Letter” Posted By Political Opponent, Rep Waters Says She Reported

Waters is claiming she reported this to the DOJ but did she?

More corruption has been uncovered involving Waters.

In an attempt to unseat arguably the most corrupt member of Congress, the political battle between Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and her challenger Omar Navarro is heating up over a “fake letter.”

Late last year, Navarro tweeted a letter dated June 22, 2017 addressed to OneUnited Bank Chief Operating Officer Teri Williams, which is reportedly from Waters detailing how she was pleased to have worked with groups like “CAIR-LA and Hassam Ayloush” to have more Muslim refugees resettled into her district.

Both the Council on American–Islamic Relations and Hassam Ayloush groups are connected to funding and supporting radical Islamic terrorists.

The letter went on to say that California’s 43rd District could easily accept “up to 41k refugees in agreeance with CAIR’s relocation project with the condition that a majority of the Somali refugees are housed in the district’s new condominium and apartment units funded and underwritten by OneUnited.”

In a tweet from Dec. 11, Navarro tweeted that unlike Waters, he would never allow “more terrorists, like the one who bombed NYC, in California’s 43rd District. As Congressman of CA’s 43rd District, I will oppose such policies.”

Navarro admits he cannot corroborate the letter, and Waters has called it a “fake letter,” but it encapsulates one of the many scandals surrounding the California Democrat.

If the letter is valid, it would mean Waters worked spoke with terror-connected groups to accept and resettle 41,000 Muslim refugees into her district.

Last December, Waters wrote a letter to the DOJ saying she wanted the agency to “look into a fake letter posted to Twitter by her Republican challenger that falsely indicated the congresswoman wants to resettle tens of thousands of refugees in her Los Angeles district.”

It didn’t take long for Navarro to troll Waters on Twitter, where he pointed out that the DOJ has yet to respond to her claim that the letter was bogus.

Navarro also tweeted out a reminder over the weekend that Waters was also connected in a scandal years ago involving her abusing her power in Congress to help a funnel bailout money to a bank her husband hand stock invested in.

The letter ultimately may not be validated, but many would argue they could see Waters working with terror-affiliated groups instead of actual Americans in her own district.

Navarro is also gaining a lot of steam on Waters, with many hoping the Republican candidate can unseat Waters and finally start taking actions that will help the American people.

After being voted as the most corrupt politician in Congress numerous times, many agree it’s about time Waters was unseated and sent home for good.

Source: USSA News