PUBLISHED: 10:19 PM 27 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 11:02 PM 27 Jan 2017

Fake And Disgusting: Station Caught Airing Fake Scene Of German Men Assaulting Refugee Woman


Scenes like this that never happened are fine for fiction, but German ARD TV is using this as a propaganda tool. (actual video below)

During the time of the Second World War, the Jews were used as a scapegoat for the burning down of the Reichstag in Germany when it was the Nazi party that staged the burning in order to blame them. The Jews had no more of a part in the arson event than they did of the violence that Hilter accused them of as they tried to defend themselves. The New World Order (the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Clintons, Bushes, Soros, and most of the leaders of the United Nations, to name names) have openly declared that such subterfuge and chicanery was to be employed to bring about the conflicts that they need to happen in order to obtain more control.

Today, Germany is again at the propaganda helm, only instead of the words of Joseph Geobels spreading hatred on the radio, it is the hatred of radical Islam being helped by German TV. Instead of Hitler bringing death upon his own people by war and gas chambers, it is now Angela Merkel bringing death to her people by allowing in an influx of refugees who would be better off protected in a Syrian safe haven (as Donald Trump has proposed) than thrust into a culture that they know nothing of nor can comprehend.

That is why German state TV, funded by the taxpayer (think “NPR”), has just aired a twisted dose of propaganda in favor of the Islamization of Germany by showing white German fascists in a fictional work beating and sexually groping a pretty, petite Muslim girl.

The reason that the work is fiction is because there is no record of any white fascists (of which there are thankfully few, despite what the media claims) harming any Muslim migrant in such a way on record. There is no record of any kind -not even one -that any ethnic German of any race has done any such thing thus far, so not only is it rare, but it seems to be that the ARD Network.

Meanwhile. Muslims ARE raping and groping Germans. Some of the migrants are raping all over the EU, making the once serene Sweden the rape capital of the world, in part because the crime had been so rare that the system was overtaken. New Years Eve is now a yearly nightmare, much of which does not even reach the paper and is hidden until well after New Years so that the words “New Years Eve” will not trend as well, even when the story is about rapes that no one got hear about when it was on the top of the Twitter feed.


Violence like this has been seen all over Germany since the Muslim refugee crisis.

Germany has also seen the violence ruin Karneval, which is as much a part of Germany and it’s culture as Snitzel, beer, lederhosen, and little wooden shoes. Instead of the fun that marks the event every year, Germany has had to cancel and scale back the event and events like it due to the massive threat posed by radical sharia-based Islam. This has been the plan of both the radical Muslims as well as the world controllers at the U.N. who are anti-capitalists and/or Islamic themselves. The goal has been to destroy the existing culture under the guise of acceptance which leads to infiltration.

United Nations documents have shown how they want to control more aspects our lives and ISIS along with most of radical Islam wants to see the West fall by using leftist groups and Democrats to do it.

This is not at all unheard of when it is recalled the that the fascists used the unhappiness caused by the treaty of Versailles to drum up support for the Nazis, so why could ISIS not use the unhappiness of the left caused by their own failed policies to drum up support for themselves in the same way?

Also, what better way to achieve this than to allow Muslims who see this on TV who do not comprehend the culture, do not grasp what “fiction” is, can not understand the context nor the political ping pong ball that they are when they see it, and now the migrants feel threatened. This is too complex to have been done in error because it was not. It is meant to anger everyone on both sides.


Scenes depicting how things really are never get shown on TV when writing scripts.

We see this happening all over the EU and president Trump was elected to stop it from happening in America. Trump has pointed out, while not yet addressing this particular issue, that such a movie could NEVER have featured a scene like that if it showed it the actual and factual way, which is a group of radical Islamists raping or molesting a white German girl. That is just not PC nor acceptable. Neither is right in any way, but guess which one could never get made nor aired?

This is also vividly seen in the U.S. where Soros money went to fund some of the most hateful and wrong minded speeches ever at the Women’s March on Washington D.C. All of this has lead Founder of LADI, a  self-described women’s rights activist, writer countering extremism at The Huffington Post & a Muslim crusader Dr. Deeba Abedi to correctly state, “The illiberal movement of the Women’s March has proven itself to support a hegemony known as Sharia law”, when she was contacted for a comment specifically in regards to this article.


Such as seen in this photo from Stockholm, the refugee crisis has brought rape, fear, and terror to the EU.

Dr. Abedi also went on to say that, “To combat Islamic radicalism, we mustn’t stand blindfolded next to pseudo-feminists who objectify their own body parts to send a message of freedom. Liberal celebrities defending the march and calling it a fight for Muslim women’s rights is a blindfolded scheme packaged in a red ribbon box of destruction. No political correctness here.” That is a very wise message from a fellow Muslim who the ladies in vagina hats would do much better to heed than the sharia endorsed hatred of Linda Sarsour.

If not, then America can expect cases like the one reported upon recently from Germany that saw a 38-year-old Pakistani man rape a defenseless 19-year-old girl and bite her in the lip just to infect her with AIDS or another STD, making it worse. Such savagery needs to be addressed because the alternative is to see these kinds of actions become ever more common as the left and the Democrats call for it be “tolerated” and “normal.”