Brexit Questioned

PUBLISHED: 5:45 PM 27 Mar 2018

Facebook Whistleblowers Claim Brexit Campaign Broke The Law

The campaigns have denied the allegations.

The vote which decided Britain's fate in Europe is facing renewed scrutiny.

Christopher Wylie has made a name for himself last week when he revealed astounding information about the popular website Facebook. Wylie revealed to the world how Facebook manipulates user information for personal gain.

The technology whistleblower has come forward with new, even more alarming news on Monday. Suggesting the British elections fell victim to foreign meddling, Wylie believes that Facebook played an illegal role in the outcome of the Brexit referendum.

Wylie’s representatives, Bindmans law firm, submitted 53 pages of evidence to the courts in London, England, on Monday trying to prove the Brexit was illegal. Having previously worked for the tech company, Cambridge Analytica, Wylie claims the funding for the Brexit campaign was in violation of election rules.

Great Britain is expected to begin leaving the European Union next year. Two whistleblowers have come forward to declare the vote was a farce.

A former employee of the Vote Leave group and another from the consulting agency Cambridge Analytica have come forward to declare that Facebook has been using the consumer data to undo the will of the people.

Vote Leave is being accused of donating funds to fellow Brexit campaign group, BeLeave. Calling into to question the integrity of the vote to leave the European Union, Wylie aims to cast doubt upon the results.

Officials from Vote Leave put out a statement on Monday denying any allegations of rule breaking. Being well versed in the election guidelines, the group implies the young men are trying to undermine the people who voted for the Brexit referendum.

Facing a smear campaign, Vote Leave’s former CEO Matthew Elliott declared the referendum was an accurate representation of the general feeling of the citizens of England.

Elliott told news agencies that the election was both free and fair.

Elliott was forced to remind people the Election Commission has twice looked into the relationship between BeLeave and Vote Leave. The former executive expressed confidence that a third investigation would come to the same conclusion of innocence.

Elliot believes the latest lawsuit is an attempt by the ‘Remain camp’ to continue the fight against leaving the European Union.

Wylie suggested he was not looking to refight the referendum. Wylie came forward with information about the American 2016 presidential campaign last week and suggested he was not looking to change the outcome.

Although Wylie may not be looking to enact change, the pundits on the mainstream media seized upon the opportunity to create a narrative. By bringing the potentially false allegations against a controversial campaign, Wylie is pouring fuel on a fire.

Facebook has come under scrutiny for selling personal information to third parties. Selling customer information to political campaigns, Facebook has a business model which consists of meddling in elections.

Facebook creates an analytical model for each profile and continues to sell that datum. Third parties buy the scores of information and details about every aspect of a person’s life and then creates models to predict consumer trends.

Using the statistical information, companies, such as Wylie’s former employer Cambridge Analytica, would provide election campaigns with information on how best to target individual people.

Using his advanced position and knowledge of professional manipulation, Wylie has been conducting an assault on the right-leaning movements that have been growing in America and Great Britain. Not attacking the populist movements directly, Wylie is casting doubt upon the validity of the election.

Wylie gained international attention when he said Facebook colluded with Trump. When the allegations about the president’s campaign fell short, the story changed to the invasion of privacy conducted by Facebook.

Capitalizing on his new notoriety, Wylie has shifted the conversation away from Facebook’s user agreement. Using his new-found pulpit, Wylie has taken to the stage to try and shake the foundations of another election.

Wylie continues to instigate headlines as he identifies the different ways Facebook meddle in elections. Instead of discussing ways for people to live without social media, Wylie suggests implementing new regulations or casting a new ballot referendum.

Having been away from the violating business practices of Facebook since 2014, Wylie is taking the next step in trying to meddle in elections. Complaining about election fraud after assisting in that very act, is a level of hypocrisy lost on many leftists.

At what point will these self-righteous people accept that Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States and Great Britain is leaving the European Union.