PUBLISHED: 10:06 PM 13 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Facebook Guilty Of UNPRECEDENTED “Reporting” As Trifecta Bias Now Controls

Zuckerberg's personal politics and preferences are no secret as his donations went primarily towards Clinton in the last election. Should he really be charge of what is and isn't news, especially in this day and age?

Zuckerberg’s personal politics and preferences are no secret as his donations went primarily towards Clinton in the last election. Should he really be charge of what is and isn’t news, especially in this day and age?

Facebook and other social media giants have been particularly active in the past few weeks as their campaign against the Trump Administration’s plans to end net neutrality have resulted in nothing but spam on their outlets.  This is different that the usual spam that takes up much of the room on posts and tweets.  Now Facebook has implemented a new way to attack conservative news outlets as those posting “controversial” articles will be asked if they are sure they want to do that when left-wing “news” agencies are disagreeing.

This is just another step towards completely silencing conservative voices on the internet as a means to stop people from discussing ideas.  Radical leftists and progressives truly despise conservative truths, and so rather than addressing what they are saying, or even going after other clearly biased outlets, they are just choosing to censor.

This is a dangerous precedent as these companies are basically just picking and choosing whose voices are and are not protected.  In many countries, Twitter and Facebook actively hunt down those who have committed blasphemy against Islam and so these companies are putting the rights of Muslims over others.  This is the kind of picking and choosing that could lead to real problems as Americans believe that we are all equal and so all of rights are protected equally, this is not the case when using social media.

This is the new dialogue box that is opened when a poster tries to share an article from Breitbart. Facebook instantly tries to shame the user by declaring the article debunked by liberal news outlets.

What is even more laughable are the companies that Facebook is using to dispute the claims that the article is claiming. Snopes has been anything but impartial in the past.  The fact that one company, the social media giant, can just say that some people are correct and others are not is an incredibly dangerous game to be playing as the likelihood for abuse is going to take place.

Imagine a world where the evil conservative tyrant uses his wealth and power to manipulate the top members of a massive social media company.  Instead of debating his points, he simply pays the companies top executives to use his news outlet as a credible source to stop the others from posting.  By claiming that one side is just correct and the other is wrong, the company is actually promoting the censorship of others.

This is what is currently taking place but replace conservative tyrant with Marxist tyrant.  It is not beneficial for these companies to let people share and speak freely as their own findings can prove to the public that the great and powerful Facebook is actually not working in our best interests.  This could cause panic or even protest and that just simply cannot be allowed.

Twitter is owned in a large part by a devout Wahabist Muslim and they look to censor or punish any who denounces Islam. They are giving preferential treatment to Muslims over the rest of the population and so they are playing favorites.

Although Facebook still allows the articles to be posted after the user confirms multiples times that they are sure they want to post it, they are not making the truth front and center.  Their use of clearly biased and in all honesty corrupt “fact checkers” is just another example of Facebook and the deep state using misinformation to coerce the masses into believing what they want.

Others are more concerned with the actual risk that people in hostile nations take when they denounce Islam for what it is.  These scary shadow companies are monitoring their speech with the approval of the state to make sure that no one is talking bad about the religion that looks to enslave infidels and execute homosexuals.  That is why this small confirmation step that Facebook has implemented is so startling to many free speech advocates.

If one is no longer allowed to express their ideas freely and openly without fear of punishment or harassment then the very idea of free speech is dead.  By making the posters reconsider their position based on the conclusions of progressive news outlets, clearly with nothing to hide, they are the first to attack the posters on what they are sharing.  In reality, just this one simple confirmation step is used as a means to shame the poster based on what the deep state approved fact checkers say by making them instantly feel like they are wrong.

It couldn’t be possible that those at the top would want to keep power with the largest and most powerful social media platform to ever exist. By keeping the masses misinformed, Marxists can ensure their agenda and plans go unnoticed and unreported.

It is just an ever closer step towards total censorship on social media.