PUBLISHED: 10:12 PM 6 Dec 2017

Exxon Mobile Pleads With Highest Court As Liberals’ Investigation Reaches New Heights

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey calls for Exxon Mobile to release climate change research

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey calls for Exxon Mobile to release climate change research


The state of Massachusetts has recently ramped up efforts to investigate climate change.  During their investigation, information came to light that the energy mogul, Exxon, was trying to knowingly mislead the public on the impact of fossil fuels.

Exxon has petitioned the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to block a request of documents.  The investigation by Massachusetts State has requested all documents pertaining to the intentional release of false information.

The Texas based oil company asked the highest court in the common wealth of Massachusetts to block the order on the grounds that Exxon is not located in the state.  Claiming the gas giant does to have a corporate presence in the state, Massachusetts State may lack jurisdiction to subpoena documents.

In January a lower court in the state ruled in favor of Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey.  Healey asserts her authority to investigate Exxon Mobile in matters effecting the consumer or investors within her jurisdiction.

The 300 Exxon branded gas stations in the state was enough for the lower courts to agree with Healey.  Exxon lawyers have retorted that the franchises are individually owned and are not required to fill with Exxon gasoline.

Exxon corporate controls marketing and advertisements at the franchises.  Exxon also reserves the right to refer to customers as their customers and their stations.

The Attorney General’s chief legal counsel, Richard Johnston, referred to the point of sale at the pumping station as one of the premier suppliers of global warming.  Johnston said Exxon wanted the Justices to let go of all common sense and cognoscente.

Exxon has sued Healey in both Texas and Massachusetts to block the 38-point civil subpoena for decades of environmental research.  Exxon has also claimed Healey showed bias towards the company in press briefings prior to the start of the investigation.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is conducting a similar probe.  Suffolk County Superior Court Judge Heidi Brieger denied Exxon’s request for a halt to the order forcing them to hand over the documents.

Documents released in 2015 revealed the ethics and practices of the corporation during the 1970-80s.  In 1976, the United States Clean Air Act began the phase out of the production and sale of leaded gasoline.

It took nearly 50 years for TEL, tetraethyllead, to be acknowledged by the fuel companies.  Could the climate science research be much different?

The documents allege that the company had determined that fossil fuel consumption needed to decrease in order to mitigate the carbon emissions.  The company knew at the time, based off their own research, fossil fuels would be unsustainable and damaging to the planet.

Two states are now looking into who, why, and for how long Exxon covered up their findings and decided to deceive the general public.  The documents also show the company used their wealth and position to sow doubts upon climate science.

 In August, the company filed in the 5th circuit court of appeals because of the federal district courts ruling demanding the company pay a $20 million fine for violations of the Clean Air Act.

Five years ago on Monday, NASA’s top scientists and astronauts called for an end to the junk research and false claims of the climate science division.  A great portion of NASA’s funding comes from the government with the caveat it is used for climate research.

The letter signed by 49 scientists, with over a combined 1,000 years of climate study and astronaut experience, asks that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies not include unsubstantiated claims that human produce carbon dioxide emissions are having a “catastrophic” impact on the climate.

Using unproven remarks in their statements, the advocacy of man driven climate change is unbecoming of the space agency.  The former NASA employees felt embarrassed by the lack of thorough research into all factors of climate change.

Making headlines today are reports that climate models predict alarming consequences.  Could the sensationalism over climate change be the classic fear mongering we have come to know?  Could Bernie Sanders be right and climate change is the biggest threat to our democracy?

President Trump has asked that our science community conduct fair and balanced research into what is happening with our planet.