Fetal Remains Found

PUBLISHED: 8:22 PM 12 Mar 2018

Exterminators Make Horrifying Discoveries In Glass Bottles

Some of the remains still had their umbilical cords attached.

Tests will be done to find out who is responsible for this and why it happened.

There have been reports of people found dead in attics and even found under the porch as Christmas lights were being put up. As nightmarish as it may sound, what some exterminators in Japan found held all of the same horrors and there are almost no facts known about it, according to Yahoo News.

In Tokyo, a search for termites revealed “the bodies of several babies preserved in bottles.” Local news agencies even say that the umbilical cords were still attached to the babies. The corpses were “preserved in a substance resembling formalin,” but little else is known about the ghastly finding.

Three or four of the bodies were found in jars that were under the flooring of the home, a fact that came as quite a shock to those renovating the house.

The house has sat abandoned for the last three years, though now it can be imagined that Japenese authorities will take quite an interest in the past occupants in light of this grim finding.

Helping to make fingers easier to point (at least for purposes of just suspicion), it has been revealed that “an obstetrician had once lived” in the dwelling. No one will be surprised if that person’s phone is soon ringing with inquisitive investigators, though the name of the doctor was not addressed by Yahoo.

The speculation that may develop from authorities being so tight-lipped could add fuel to a fire that police there do not seem to want to be lit. Any time that something so sensational is hushed, particularly to this degree, whispers will take place.

It may be that authorities are not wanting to make it any harder to get to the bottom of this (at least) three-year-old old case by letting details trickle out, but if so, the case had better be solved quickly.

Was the doctor performing illegal procedures there, and if so, to what end? Also, if this was the case, why would any guilty doctor keep the bodies and then depart?

Perhaps the man (or woman) has already passed on, so their dark secret never got out during their lifetime.

There is only conjecture and “what ifs” to go on as Japan’s capital city tries to make sense of one of the spookiest, foulest finds in recent history.

Hopefully, the answers are soon coming.