PUBLISHED: 7:23 PM 23 Jan 2017

Exposed: Soros Behind It All, Over 50 Ties To Protest Groups Staged During Inauguration


George Soros is again behind division in the nation.

When it comes to “divide and conquer” politics, no one does it better than George Soros. His money has been behind the fighting amongst the races, the Jews and Arabs, the gays and non-gays, and most likely at his age had a hand in the first “cat vs. dog” fight.

At no time has this been more evident than what was seen when it came to dividing the sexes during Trumps inauguration. It was Soros who was behind more than 50 partners who helped organize the event that not only turned woman against men but also woman against other women!

This is seen in the fact that women who were pro-life or not of a third wave feminist mindset were not welcomed by any of the marchers there. This is of no surprise to anyone who knows just how evil Soros really is. He has helped divide the sexes for years, so if the can even get some infighting happening among the women of the nation to create further chaos.


Madonna again spits on the “sexist” nation that made her great and gave her opportunity and she talks of blowing up the White House.

While the puppet masters have a motive for making things miserable in order to gain more “needed” control, the fallout is having very real and noticeable side effects. We are seeing the misery that it is causing within families as gender roles are manipulated not to “free” those who have gender issues, that is just to bait heartstrings, for the real reason is blur the culture lines. If men are to be portrayed as doltish characters who need the wife to save him from himself, then that is what men become.

If white men are seen as zealots, bigots, and rapists just because they are white, then it becomes part of what people grow up seeing as truth, which it is not. It does not NEED to be true, it only needs to feed the New World Order appetite for division.

Likewise, if a woman wanting a family or not being pro-choice is seen as weak just because of those things, then women are taught that there is something wrong with having a differing view or moral setting. Just like men, women grow up thinking that the only wise women are ones who are standing like Madonna talking about how it would be nice to burn the White House down because of some lie drummed up about Trump that is not even factual in nature. If Madonna was to do a song that stuck up for the church or the family, it would never get any radio play even it sold well because it was not of the right agenda.


Soros supported Mrs. Clinton, one of the most corrupt candidates in US history.

We see this festering in our society as assumptions that the media has told us about how we are to interact with each other are taking root, but the confusion that they wanted, not that benefit us. We have reached a point to where the politically correct crowd has made any instance to where a man has to explain anything to a woman, if the women does not to hear it, it is “mansplaining.”

Meanwhile, if it is a woman who is the boss, then she is allowed to scream, yell, swear, and curse, but she is NOT “womansplaining,” because we all know that that would make sense. A woman may call a man any name in the book and may at any point update that book, but if a man calls a woman anything, then he is a rapist who beats women, shakes babies, and hates fairness.

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: Activists rally during a protest against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his 'treatment of women' in front of Trump Tower on October 17, 2016 in New York City. Multiple women have come forward recently alleging sexual misconduct against Trump. Trump has denied all allegations. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Believing a Soros funded lie that Trump is sexist, some women foolishly marched against Trump.

While all of this is kept in mind in order to obey the rules of PC culture, it must be remembered that a man in a dress is a woman and to laugh at such a man – even in jest while respecting his right to wear the dress – is against women. We all know that nothing stands up (or sits down depending upon the bathroom chosen) for woman’s rights like a man in tights. The man in the dress may laugh at anyone else, that is fine. Just remember that woman who dresses as a man are also to be respected as a lady….but never ever called a lady.

The list could of drivel could go on longer than an Obama departure speech, but suffice to say that it is all garbage and utter mind rot. When Trump attacked Rand Paul with short jokes, Bush with dumb jokes, Cruz with lie related nicknames, and served it to Chris Christie, it showed that Trump pulled no punches. When Trump attacked Carly Fiorina or “Crooked Hilary,” it was suddenly portrayed as if Trump had been this kind, soft-spoken man towards everyone else, which love him or hate him, is just not true.

One would think that his equality in treating the sexes equally as the feminists claim to want would be praised, but that card is only played when it helps the feminists, not when it is logical. There is little room for logic and reason in the mind of the feminists. If we were to tell you why this is, it would only be called “mansplaining” anyway.


Few people in history have brought as much misery upon the world as George Soros.

This is where we have let ourselves go as a nation. We let our schools become leftist indoctrination stations, we allowed our televisions to divide us, and we settled for less every time that we went to vote….if we went to vote.

Most of America has been so neglectful of their nation and its ideals that we don’t even deserve the chance that we have in Trump, but we have it. We must not allow the left to divide us along gender lines any longer, nor in any other way. If we do, not only won’t America be great again, but the way that we treat one another will be left in hands of those like George Soros.

Try mansplaining that to future generations!