Clinton Bombshell Promised

PUBLISHED: 12:56 AM 13 Feb 2018

Exposé Group Promises Clinton Bombshell, Speculation Focused On Emails

There are two years of emails that were “mysteriously” deleted.

Hillary Clinton may be about to really take the fall.

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton wept tears as large as trailer park mud puddles when she was defeated by President Donald Trump. Many assumed that the pain of not being president was breaking her spirit, and while that may have been part of it, what if there was more behind the weeping? Could it be that Mrs. Clinton knew that she was as good as locked up if anyone but her, got elected?

The Pacific Pundit reports that “QAnon – a group on social media that tends to expose corrupt politicians” has a “bombshell” as it relates to “Crooked” Hillary Clinton. This information is to be released to the public, too, something that will give the former New York Senator nowhere to hide.

There are those who feel that this “bombshell” could be “the missing Hillary Clinton e-mails from 2009-2011″ that were deleted and purposefully bleach bitten. If so, the noose is already as good as tied!

The popular message board called “The Nuthouse” has also been alive with buzz about what this could be. There is no shortage of people who want to see Clinton brought to justice, so this is not something that Qanon is going to be able to easily back peddle from at this point.

The truth is that there are even a very large number of Democrats who want see the former First Lady get her due. This may be because of how she treated staffers, how she treated those who worked with her at the Oval Office, or even those who knew what Donna Brazille knew at the DNC.

Clinton and her whole family has done a great injustice to America and to the free world.

Had she won over Donald Trump, America would be wallowing in a liberal soup to which we may have never emerged from.

Even with her loss now a matter of history, there is a lot to unravel with regard to her actions. She has mishandled classified information and some even say that she knows something about the murder of Seth Rich.

There are so many secrets and rumors regarding Mrs. Clinton that if even 1% of them are true, she stands as one of the worst officials and leaders in U.S history.

It is with great hope that Qanon is really onto something here because if we can’t get justice against someone so obviously guilty, then our country has already fallen too far to ever again look in the mirror.

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