Grenade Winds Up At Goodwill

PUBLISHED: 12:24 AM 2 Feb 2018

Explosive Donation, Goodwill Finds Loaded Grenade Launcher In Shipment

Employees found it in a shipment from another store and reported it immediately.

This case proved that a person never knows what they may find at a Goodwill.

Those on a tight budget know about the local Goodwill. It is the perfect store to go to in order to buy clothes (particularly for the ladies), electronics, furniture, and a fully loaded grenade launcher.

As far-fetched and utterly ridiculous as it sounds, that really was the case in Florida as police “say a grenade launcher, loaded with a live grenade, was left with other donated items,” Yahoo News confirms. The powerful weapon was shipped from another Goodwill store a few days prior, it has also been revealed.

It was sent because those workers at the first store to receive the launcher had no idea what it even was.

The grenades were “disposed of” in a Hazmat locker, so they won’t be making their rounds to any more stores now that someone managed to notice what it really was.

Meanwhile, the weapon itself is sitting safely in the police “property room,” which makes this one of the most extreme gun exchange programs in recorded history!

No one knows who donated the item and it is not likely that the CCTV footage would still have the data since, after a time, the footage is erased.

All of this does make a person wonder if the party who donated the grenade launcher was trying to simply get rid of it quickly, if it was a dare, or if they were stashing it for another intended party.

This latter scenario does not make a lot of sense, but as is often the case, criminals have a knack for picking really senseless ideas to act upon.

Thankfully, someone did not decide to test this “cool looking toy” and take out the whole wall of the shop in doing so. It is not known if any kind of safety was built into the unit or it was engaged, so this could have been the case.

No one was harmed, but in the future, it is a certainty that the donation bin will be looked at a lot more carefully by those working at a few Florida Goodwill locations.

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