Open Carry Rally

PUBLISHED: 4:08 PM 7 May 2018

Exclusive: Second Amendment Open Carry Defense Rally

Patriots gather to support the Second Amendment, CDP reporter speaks.

The people arrived, young and old, to support the right to bear arms.

He walks with a cane and a definitive limp. The brave war vet could not take part in much of the walking that the march which he organized, the “2nd Amendment Awareness Open Carry Walk and Canned Food Drive” in Barberton, Ohio, but that didn’t stop him from standing tall. On May 5, he and a large group of patriots, Last Ohio Militia,” “The 3%,” and just regular citizens showed up and walked the city streets with all manner of firearms openly carried.

If it wasn’t for the Second Amendment, we would not be the free the country that we are now, plain and simple,” Baker said in an exclusive interview on the Correct Views. “What pisses me off is when I see our own citizens out there marching to have their freedoms taken away from them.

There were many people present who felt the same way only weeks later as the event unfolded.

The Conservative Daily Post was on location as other speakers were heard before the marching began. A “Last Ohio Melita” member stated, “We’re here to support our Second Amendment rights and to let people know, ‘we’re here.’ We’re actually just law abiding citizens

He added, “It’s a God-given right to self-protection. The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting. It’s about self-defense, it’s about self-preservation, it’s about stopping tyranny. ” The host mentioned that it is the members of the militia who are often out with food, water, and acting to protect businesses from being looted when disaster strikes and the member humbly said, “we try.”

If we don’t stand up for our rights…they are being squashed,” said another protester. His red truck was adorned with rather large “POW M.I.A.” banner and a similar Gadsden flag. When asked if he felt that, with President Trump being so supportive of the right to bear arms, that the next election would be one that went more liberal or stayed with the mood today, he felt positive.

I think it will,” the man stated with his weapon proudly displayed. “People have started to stand up, this is probably only the beginning.”

Grassroots,” added Celestrial C.K., cohost.

Another friend of liberty named Doug noticed the host’s “Hillary For Prison” shirt and he was asked how long he thinks it will be until it happened. “Right now they’re still focused on the whole pornstar thing, you know. They’re dragging their feet on it.” He also felt that Attorney Jeff Sessions was sluggish to act because he did not wish to end up with “two bullet holes in the back of his head” from suicide for looking into Mrs. Clinton.

In spite of all that she has gotten away with, Doug feels that the White House will demand action on her as his innocence is proven further. “He’s gonna’ put his foot down and say, ‘Get to it or get out,'” He did not feel that Mr. Trump has “a revolving door” on his staff for any reason other than efficiency. “He is not incompetentIf you don’t do your job in a business, get out, your fired,” he added. “He’s a businessman.”

As for the open carry, Doug said that “the criminals aren’t going to follow the law so we’ve got to show them that we can.”

In another video, the author of this story speaks and puts forth the idea that everyone who sees a story of a how a gun saves an innocent life, that story needs to be spread. When a killer strikes, the mainstream media tells us “the make, model number” and other details of the gun. However, when is the last time that such information was given when a gun saved a life or property?

People that didn’t even know what a bump stock is suddenly want to ban it even though they still don’t know what it is,Samuel Di Gangi said. “Put the video up whenever you see a blurb of somebody who protected themselves.” The goal here is to show how many more times guns save innocent people.

A man named Tyson Coperman said that our politicians may make us think that “they are stupid,” but they are well aware of what they are doing the people’s rights.

From there, past the Barberton war memorial, the public library, the local McDonalds, and all of the city they roamed. Old men with beards, young pregnant mothers, and the average man, carrying their guns and standing for the Second Amendment. Police officers smiled and nodded at everyone present and there was no issue with safety in any way.

A mother whose son was in the armed forces said that she was there since he could not be.

That is often the truth when it comes to legal gun ownership, which was the point of the event, at least to some degree. Now it just remains to be seen where Bill Baker will host his next event.

Alliance, Canton, and Massillon, Ohio, are in his sights.