Veterans Run As Democrats

PUBLISHED: 3:16 PM 13 Mar 2018

Ex-Military Members Seek Democratic Congressional Seats

They are trying to dominate the House of Representatives.

The term ‘sheep dipped’ refers to a military or intelligence operative that has taken on an alternative identity.

For the Democratic Party, November could prove to be an interesting shift away from far-left progressive ideology. Among the democratic nominees for the 2018 midterm elections, there are many former agents of the Central Intelligence Agency, Pentagon, National Security Council, and State Department seeking election.

If elected, this could potentially be as many as half of the new democratic members that will be military and intelligence veterans.

The “Red to Blue” program selects favored recruits, promoting war veterans and CIA agents to target the vulnerable districts where election is possible.

Party leaders and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) are recruiting those who have a military or intelligence background for seats that are left vacant by a retiring republican or those republican seats that can potentially be flipped to democrat.

The DCCC’s Jumpstart program provides fundraising and strategic support to new and promising candidates, favoring star recruits.

It is also reported that the DCCC plans to use Hilary Clinton to help them take back control of Congress. Although many worry that Clinton is too unpopular, she is capable of raising big donations.

Some republicans who are not seeking re-election have warned that without strong success in actually governing and showing results, democrats may retake the majority in both the House and Senate in 2018.

However, President Donald Trump blames fake news and negative reporting for failing to show how well his administration is really doing. With every win, there seems to be a counter-argument that attempts to distract from his accomplishments.

Could this mean that what he has been able to get done is so powerful that the establishment is attempting to downplay it before the midterm elections?

In spite of the President’s tax bill and economic success, democrats have been advised that they should focus on the economy and family if they want to win this November. The combined effects of globalization and automation on the American middle-classes have left many citizens with little upward mobility.

CNN pointed out that job growth has not historically favored midterm performance. Despite record unemployment, President Trump is still believed to be unpopular. This information does come from the same source that reported low approval rates during the presidential election, ending in a surprise defeat.

The strategy of the DCCC and the Democratic Party to promote ex-military personnel may accomplish what the typical politician is struggling to do, which is to connect with the American public. Despite the hopes of turning Texas blue, Senator Ted Cruz easily won the GOP nomination, with more than double of O’Rourke.

World Socialist Web Site, the social website that is thoroughly reporting the individual military and intelligence candidates’ career paths and noting their primarily in service to the “national security apparatus, finds that these draws will be “trusted servants of American imperialism.”

It is also reported that only five candidates are billed as ‘progressive,’ adding that none of these have a strong chance to win in the general election.

It is believed that the result will likely be that more former CIA agents will be in the House of Representatives than Sanders activists.

Socialists complain that political independence for the working class is lost on the Democratic Party, which remains firmly entrenched in the American capitalist class.

What this narrow analysis misses is that President Donald Trump was elected precisely because he falls outside of the false two-party system, which at the top shares in the same technocratic ideology.

This is why the president is being attacked from both sides of the aisle and continuously finds it difficult to find support from within his own party.

This may be a sign that the DCCC finally recognizes that in order to win these elections, the candidates need to at least try to display some of the values of the American people, particularly those that unite the general citizenry such as loyalty to the Republic and the Constitution.

America is not a socialist state, where the working class is alienated from a ruling class that cannot be unseated. The American system of checks and balances ensure that the American people rule, and any individual politician can be removed from office by their constituency.

If those candidates that are elected from the pool of democratic ex-military and intelligence agents fail to deliver political action that is in line with the voters, they too will face the same dilemmas during their campaigns for re-election.