Dem Cusses Cops

PUBLISHED: 9:27 PM 25 Apr 2018

Ex-Clinton Aide Demands Daughter Get Off, Video Goes Viral

“I’m the head of the port authority,” she said, trying to prevent the tow, and has now resigned.

A Democrat Party lobbyist who worked for the Clinton campaign attempted to use her power to get her child and her friends out of trouble with the law. Thankfully, it did not go as planned.

It seems that some of the political elite in the United States are fond of using their power to receive special treatment. Whether it’s a leftist politician in Texas threatening police officers while being arrested for drunk driving or a Vice President pulling strings so that his child can get a military position and then lose it due to his cocaine habit, it seems to be a particular recurring theme on the left.

Now, a video released by the Tenafly Police Department in New Jersey shows a former Hillary Clinton aide abusing her power and position (or attempting to do so) to badger and berate officers into letting her daughter and her daughter’s friend out of a traffic stop. Sixty-year-old Caren Turner, now a Democrat Party lobbyist, attempted to threaten the officers with her connections to the local mayor and police chief until they let her daughter’s friend go.

The officers in Tenafly, New Jersey, a city along the Hudson River and directly across from New York, pulled over Turner’s daughter’s friend because the car he was driving had an expired registration from the state of Nevada.

Normally, that’s a simple traffic stop. The officer checks insurance and registration, finds that the registration is indeed expired (or that the sticker most states use was somehow removed), and issues a fine. Not exactly a pleasant experience, but not the worst thing that can happen, either. Sometimes, as in this case, it results in the vehicle being impounded.

However, Turner’s daughter, a passenger sitting in the back seat of the car, decided to call her mother when the car was pulled over on Route 9W in Bergen County.

Before Turner arrived, her daughter, the driver, and another two women in the car were all told to get their things from the car so the car could be impounded until the fine was paid.

Turner, who was working as a Port Authority Commissioner and ethics chair when she rushed to ‘help’ her daughter, quickly arrived on the scene, and began treating the situation aggressively.

When she arrived and flashed her credentials and said “I’m the head of the Port Authority.”

She then said that she was not there to pick up the kids riding in an expired vehicle, but as a ‘concerned citizen’ and friend of the mayor, who has apparently lived in Tenafly for “more than 20 years”

She demanded to know why the car was pulled over, to which the officers (rightly so) stated that if she was interested, she could ask the driver of the car.

The pompous political appointee then said that she “needs to know” why the car was pulled over, even though the driver could easily explain the situation to her later.

The officers, showing the kind of calm that Buddhist monks would find envious, pointed out that she’s not involved, to which she replied that she’s “involved now,” to which they replied that they wouldn’t tell her anything because the driver is over 18 and it’s his issue.

She then flashed her credentials for the second time and sent the driver and his passengers toward her car, then launched into an introduction as the Commissioner for the PA.

She then demanded to know, once again, why they were pulled over, and demanded that the officers address her as ‘Commissioner.’

The officers again explained to her that the car was getting towed, and that the driver could explain why the car was being towed. Again, they pointed out to the agitated Turner that the situation does not involve her.

She claimed, once again, that it impacted her because now she has to put up with four people at her house, including a “Yale Grad Student” allegedly working on a Ph.D. and a student getting a Ph.D. at MIT.

At this point, the officers pointed out to her that she was being very demanding, and that they didn’t appreciate her demeanor (and her obvious attempts to throw her clout around as if it would impact their decision to impound the car).

Then she began the threats in earnest, saying that since they wouldn’t explain why the car was being impounded and instead told her to ask the driver later, that she would be having words with the police commissioner. She continued the threats, saying that she’s “under no legal obligation to tell [the officer] what [she] will be doing,” suggesting she was going to try and get them fired.

She also continued to suggest that the officers were making ‘an accusation,’ as if this was some sort of debate over a speeding ticket. It’s obviously not the case. Officers found that the registration, provided by the driver, was expired. That’s not an accusation, or a claim, or an allegation; it’s a simple fact.

When the cops refused to let her have her way, she told them that they were “disappointments,” again playing up the “I’ve been here for 20 years” line of reasoning she continuously fell back on, as if it provided her some amount of authority over them.

Then, when the officers, attempting to end the confrontation, told her that she may take the passengers of the car, she swore at the officers, continued to insult them, and stormed away, threatening to talk to the Chief of Police AND the Mayor. Unworried, the officers provided their badge numbers, likely hoping she would just leave already, as well as providing their names.

Finally, Caren Turner got back in her vehicle with her four newfound passengers and left.

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. She had to resign her position on the Port Authority Board of Commissioners after the story came to light and an ethics investigation into her actions was launched.

However, she still sits on a number of boards, and represents a number of entities, including Georgetown University, where she sits on the Georgetown University Alumni Board.

Her lobbying firm, Turner Government & Public Affairs, is still in use by leftist groups as well.

Caren Turner displayed the kind of arrogance common in many who are well-connected in the political world, and think that the laws apply to the ‘little people,’ not to them. Sadly, as with so many such people, it doesn’t make much of a difference when they’re caught.

Police officers have a lot to deal with during their work day.  They don’t deserve to have to deal with people like Caren Turner and other power-mad politicians.

A video of the interaction is included below.  WARNING: Profanity used.