PUBLISHED: 7:59 PM 17 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 10:16 PM 17 Jan 2018

Evil Evidence Emerges, Neighbors Saw “Cult” Behavior As Children Tortured Outside

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Even authorities are still perplexed by what happened at this very strange house.

Even authorities are still perplexed by what happened at this very strange house.

Child abuse cases are, sadly, anything but rare. Even with that fact firmly in mind, the circumstances trickling out about the “couple accused of imprisoning their 13 children in a Southern California home” is nothing short of the ultimate in strangeness, as MSN News reports.

It is now being revealed that the parents “forced the kids to march through the upstairs rooms of one of their former houses,” according to a neighbor named, “Mike.” He lives across the street “from David and Louise Turpin and their brood” and has declared that the kids “would march back and forth on the second story at night. The light would be on the whole the time and they would be marching the kids back and forth.”

In an almost occultic environment, the man who refused to give his last name, said that the bizarre ritual would start between midnight and three a.m. “I thought they were like a cult,” admits Mike. In this case, the parents really did issue marching orders, and it was not furguartive.

A $9 million dollar bond is keeping these two parents behind bars.

The family was so head-turning that the neighbor and his wife called the offspring “clones” due to the fact that they all “spoke robotically, in a monotone, and at the same time.” Prior reports have said that the parents were quite protective of their children, who they shackled to the bed without ample explanation.

One of the children jumped from a window and called the police, which is what alerted authorities to the dilemma. Perhaps the threat that some of the kids would flee is what led to the implementation of the chains. Twelve others were found in the house when the cops arrived, so this may yet become more fully understood.

At this house of horrors, children were found acting like clones and chained to the bed.

Louise Turpin, 49, and David Turpin, 57, were arrested and are being held on a $9 million dollar bond. The two are due in court tomorrow to face charges of child endangerment and torture. Thankfully, no evidence of any sexual abuse has been found, though that is certainly being looked into.

Mike has said that while odd, nothing that he observed warranted calling the police during the time that he knew them. When the Turpins moved out, he says that “there were lots of black garbage bags. I never saw any toys or bicycles.” A childhood devoid of toys is very depressing to imagine, but that appears to be what the neighbor saw (or didn’t see).

This large family was anything but happy, according to one child who ran for help after leaping from a window.

Kimberly Milligan is “a Perris neighbor of the Turpins” had said that a family with a dozen kids moved in, but she never saw that many. She remembers the family as “standoffish hoarders” who filled their garage with books. Also, other families on the block would care for their lawn while the Turpins would let theirs grow rapidly and “out of control.”

I got an impression, that, you know, ‘You stay in your lane, I’ll stay in my lane,” recalls Milligan. “It was never, ‘Hi.’ Never a wave. Nothing.

Similarly, her 26-year-old son really only remembers seeing four of the children. They looked skinny and were pale since they never went outside.

There are sure to be even more demented facts to come in, particularly when the children loosen up enough to talk. No one knows what horrors may yet be known, but thankfully, the nightmare has come to end.

Sources: MSN News