Obama Spying Scandal

PUBLISHED: 1:36 PM 24 Jul 2020
UPDATED: 5:36 PM 24 Jul 2020

Evidence Shows Trump Spying Began In 2016, Agent Secretly Inserted To ‘Gather Evidence’

When will these criminals be indicted… and when will the mainstream media be forced to admit that Donald Trump was right, although they mocked him, when he claimed he was being spied upon by the current administration!

So corrupt and criminal! (Source: Guardian News YouTube Screenshot)

As if Americans needed more evidence that Barack Obama oversaw the most corrupt administration in the history of the country, newly declassified documents show that Donald Trump was being spied upon as early as August 2016. A planted FBI agent recorded his statements and questions in what many people are calling “more proof” the deep state was actively working to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.

Just the News reported:

An FBI agent who was secretly inserted into Donald Trump’s first counterintelligence briefing in August 2016 to gather evidence of Russia collusion recorded the specific questions the future president was asking intelligence officials as well as sizing up national security adviser Michael Flynn’s behavior, according to a memo declassified and made public Thursday.

“Trump asked the following question, ‘Joe, are the Russians bad? Because they have more numbers are they worse than the Chinese?'” Agent Joseph Pientka wrote in his summary memo of the briefing with then-candidate Trump. “Writer responded by saying both countries are bad. The numbers of IOs present in the U.S. is not an indicator of the severity of the threat. Writer reminded Trump the Chinese asymmetrical presence in the U.S.”

Enclosure 1_Dcoument Brief to Republican Candidate for U.S. President_08-30-16.pdf

The extraordinary notes confirm information first divulged last December by the Justice Department inspector general that the Comey FBI used the August 2016 briefing as a way of sizing up then-candidate Trump and Flynn in the Russia case and gathering evidence against them.

Memos associated with the meeting show since-fired Agent Peter Strzok and departed FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith were involved in approving the effort by Pientka to use the briefing as an investigative tool instead of just an educational baseline intelligence meeting. Clinesmith was accused in the IG report of altering a key document in the Russia case and has left the bureau, though he has not been charged with wrongdoing.

Pientka’s summary memo of the briefing shows the extent to which the FBI was gathering or seeking evidence against Trump and Flynn and likely will bolster claims by Republicans that the bureau was “spying” on Trump when it should have been giving the future president a defensive briefing about Russians seeking influence in the United States.

Some of the observations recorded in the memo seemed to be of little or no investigative value. For instance, after Pientka discussed a matter involving signal intelligence, he recorded verbatim Flynn’s response and Trump’s mention of his youngest son.

“At this time, Flynn interjected, ‘I did SIGINT.’ Writer responded that he could then appreciate what our country can do technically to exploit a Tier 1 target and we must extrapolate a Foreign Intelligence Service could do the same to us. Trump then stated, ‘Yes I understand it’s a dark time. Nothing is safe on computers anymore,'” the memo stated.

“‘My son is ten years old. He has a computer and we put a codeword on it. Within ten minutes he broke the codeword and we needed to put another one on the computer. Kids are genius,'” the memo quoted Trump as saying.

07-23-20_Letter_Declassification of Defensive Briefing Material.pdf

Enclosure 2_Outline Used During Trump Brief_08-17-16.pdf

Enclosure 3_Emails Related to Transition Team CI Briefs_08-24-16.pdf

Many republicans have blasted the former administration as this additional evidence has been outed. Just the News reported:

Republicans who led the effort to expose FBI abuses in the Russia collusion probe say newly declassified memos show agents improperly spied on candidate Donald Trump in 2016, recording his answers and actions during counterintelligence briefings.

The new memos released Thursday by Director of National intelligence John Ratcliffe detail the FBI’s conduct during a mid-August 2016 counterintelligence briefing, Trump’s first as the GOP nominee, in which an agent was secretly inserted to gather evidence of later-disproven Russia collusion.

“Now it’s clear the FBI was spying directly on Donald Trump as early as August 2016. In fact, it looks like the entire Crossfire Hurricane investigation was just a pretext to open up a massive spying operation on Trump’s campaign,” Rep. Dunes, R-Calif., the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee whose report in 2018 unraveled the false narrative of Trump-Russia collusion.

Senate committee chairmen Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Ron Johnson, R-Wis., who first uncovered the FBI use of briefings to gather evidence against Trump, issued a statement Thursday night saying he new memos “shed light on FBI efforts to co-opt Intel briefings to spy on 2016 Trump campaign.”

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., a member of the House Judiciary Committee, said the bureau’s tactics were unwarranted and “give us more proof that the Deep State within the FBI was working to prevent @realDonaldTrump  from becoming the next President of the United States.

“This is outrageous, and every American should demand accountability for those involved,” he tweeted.