Evidence Was Doctored

PUBLISHED: 2:09 PM 23 Jul 2020
UPDATED: 9:00 PM 23 Jul 2020

Evidence Doctored Against Home Defending Couple To Bring Charges

They actually doctored the evidence, which brings the whole arrest into question.

Thankfully, the evidence of this despicable act was sent to the news outlet. (Source: KMOV YouTube Screenshot)

In a stunning discovery, the gun used by Patricia McCloskey to defend her home against violent rioters, was found to be inoperable… destroying the justification of the charges against her.

But, the really sickening part, many people argue, is that the Soros-bought-and-paid-for prosecutor who brought the charges, did it after the evidence had been tampered with.

Thankfully, some anonymous person in the system sent the evidence showing the firearm was doctored to a local news outlet.

KMOV reported:

The handgun held by Patricia McCloskey at her home in the Central West End was not capable of firing when seized by police, according to a document obtained by News 4.

It’s a new development in the case against the local couple seen pointing guns outside their Central West End home last month. And it’s one that legal experts say raises very serious questions about whether the entire case can proceed.

The document was sent to News 4 anonymously, but it appears to be the lab report from the firearms analysis in the case.

It shows that two firearms were taken to the lab for testing. Both were taken into custody by St. Louis police in a search warrant executed on July 10.

The first, the rifle which Mark McCloskey was seen holding outside his home on June 28, as protesters marched through the Central West End and came through a gate on the private street.

According to the lab, it fired when tested.

But the gun Patricia McCloskey had, a small handgun, examiners say, could not be test-fired as submitted.

At the request of prosecutor Chris Hinkley, the report says, the firearm was stripped and found to have been assembled incorrectly. It was then re-assembled properly, test fired and functioned as designed. Charging documents said the gun was capable of lethal use.

“It would be disheartening to learn, if accurate, that the authorities tampered with evidence in order to bring charges against an innocent member of the community,” the McCloskey’s attorney Joel Schwartz said.

He declined to comment further. A previous attorney for the McCloskey’s had indicated the gun had been rendered inoperable long before the incident because it had been used as an exhibit in previous lawsuits. That attorney, Al Watkins, had the gun in his possession for a short time, but turned it over to police.

Legal experts say that the law in Missouri is clear: In order for Patricia McCloskey to be guilty of exhibiting a weapon, which she was charged with Monday, the gun she had has to be readily capable of lethal use. If it was inoperable, some attorneys say she never should have been charged in the first place.

A spokesperson for the Circuit Attorney’s Office would not comment this Tuesday, saying it’s a pending case.

Defiant America added:

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who has been funded with large donations from organizations bankrolled by progressive billionaire George Soros, ordered that a firearm taken from McCloskey be reassembled in a crime lab to build her case.

Crime lab workers documented that the firearm was “readily capable of lethal use” despite the fact that it could not be fired initially. This is the crucial determination required under Missouri law to justify the charges.

The firing pin spring was placed in front of the firing pin within the gun, making the weapon inoperable. The state experts had to put it back together correctly in order to get it to fire.

“The firearm could not be test fired as submitted. At the request of [Assistant Circuit Attorney] Chris Hinckley, the firearm was field stripped and found to have been assembled incorrectly… The firearm was reassembled properly, test fired and functioned as design,” the crime lab experts wrote.

Attorney Joel Schwartz, who is representing the McCloskeys, said that his clients purposefully misplaced the gun’s firing pin and that it could not fire while she was waving it at marauding rioters near her home.

“It’s disheartening to learn that a law enforcement agency altered evidence in order to prosecute an innocent member of the community,” Schwartz said.

The McCloskeys are expected to be pardoned by Missouri Governor Mike Parson if they are ultimately convicted of a crime for defending themselves and their property.