PUBLISHED: 9:30 PM 29 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 10:17 PM 29 Nov 2017

Evangelical Makes Presidential Appeal As Sharia-Compliant Land Jettisons Free Speech

This man was looked at as a "far right" danger for organizing a parade.

This man was looked at as a “far right” danger for organizing a parade.

Everything that is not leftist and towing the Democrat line of political correctness is now known as “far right.” If someone sneezes and says, “God bless you,” the ACLU is practically called and hate speech are charges contemplated. If that sounds only like hyperbole, then attention needs to be paid to a recent headline from the Business Insider which says, “Who are Britain First? The extreme far-right group retweeted by Trump.

Jayda Fransen leads “Britain First” and she has been arrested over merely speaking the truth about radical Islam in Europe. The Business Insider claims that they are religious zealots bent on starting a war in the streets. She has appealed to the U.S. President to hear her cries as stating the facts have jeopardized her freedom.

Jim Dowson, who is against abortion and a Christian is the “far right” founder who was arrested for….”several illegal parades in Northern Ireland.” Oh, sin of sins! It seems that some malcontents fought at the event and that makes the leader a “far-right” figure.

WATCH: Jayda appeals for Donald Trump's help

Posted by Paul Golding on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Does that mean that when ANTIFA spreads violence, they are “far-left?” If so, it would be nice to hear the media admit it. If starting a parade is not the new Hitler Putsch, then the snowflakes have certainly become soft.

One thing I agree with Mr. Choudry on, there is such a concept as a just war, a holy war. He calls it Jihad. We call it a crusade. Without any shadow of a doubt, this is a holy war,” said Paul Golding, the group’s current leader.

For some reason, that is being called “extreme” when the very people who are attacking us are saying it! If telling the truth is “far-right,” then we have to wonder what denying it is called.

People are being attacked in the street so Britain First teaches the art of unarmed combat, too. The left in Europe and, it seems in the U.S. as well, is now calling self-defense training radical. This as Islamic hordes are attacking and maiming people every day and shouting that it is for the greatness of Allah.

Eman Willaim Cross (dot com) has shown that Fransen is quite thankful to Trump for showing support to her as she faces time behind bars for speaking the truth in a speech.

When Trump retweets a fact from someone, the media acts as if he agrees with everything that they ever said or did.

Trump is not “far-right.” No really “far right” man is going to have Jewish family members welcomed, for one. Secondly, the number of gays close to the White House would be far fewer is such were true about the Commander in Chief. True followers of the “far right” do not try and help inner-city youths as Trump has, either.

Rather, the U.S. leader simply is telling the facts as they are. There are radical Islamists posing as refugees and they are now in the West plotting our demise and acts of terror.

That is the truth no matter how far left someone is.

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