Parliament Gas Attack

PUBLISHED: 5:07 PM 22 Mar 2018

Europe Bracing For Uprising After Chemical Attack Rocks Parliament

European leaders are bracing for an uprising following an attack on Parliament.

Violence from radicals in Europe continues to rise.

Europe is reeling after a chemical weapons attack took place inside Kosovo’s parliament on Wednesday, according to The Western Journal.

In a scathing video of the attack (seen below), violent members of an opposition party can be seen launching gas canisters inside the chamber.

Early reports indicated that several individuals were injured during the attack, with many others experiencing symptoms from the chemicals.

The attack was carried out by members of the Levizja Vetvendosje party, which opposes the pending agreement with Montenegro to ratify the border it shares with Kosovo.

The group, who strongly resembles far-left groups in America like Antifa, has been carrying numerous disruptive tactics to prevent the vote.

The dispute largely centers on a 2015 deal, which members of the opposition party argue improperly takes away 30 miles of Kosovar land they claim to own.

Speaker Kadri Veseli fired back after the attack, saying violent extremists wouldn’t win in the end.

“The Border Demarcation Agreement will be approved by the parliament today, in spite of the attempts of a small opposition party to prevent the vote with violent means,” he said.

U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawi, released a statement Wednesday condemning the chemical attack.

“People with bankrupt ideas resort to political violence to try to achieve their goals,” he said. “This should not be happening in Kosovo. Kosovo is better than this. This should not be happening in a European country.”

More importantly, the rise of this violent group is part of the larger mass migration issues wrecking havoc across Europe.

In recent years, countries across Europe have warned citizens that it had completely lost control and wasn’t able to adequately protect them from violent groups and migrants.

The disturbing uptick in crime and violence has Europeans reeling, and the latest attack on Parliament illustrates that these violent groups are now carrying out attacks against government officials.

This is a chilling reminder of what President Donald Trump is trying to prevent from taking place in the United States.

Watch the attack below, which shows the canisters of tear gas filling the room: