GOP Shock

PUBLISHED: 6:49 PM 26 May 2018
UPDATED: 7:07 PM 26 May 2018

Establishment Loses Big As Pro-Trump Candidates Surge In Texas, Georgia

Grassroots candidates in Georgia and Texas won big on Tuesday night in the GOP primary.

House Freedom Caucus won big over the establishment.

The establishment of the Republican Party lost big on Tuesday night as grassroots, pro-Trump candidates emerged as powerful victors. As noted by Breitbart, anti-establishment candidates performed very well in Texas and Georgia, as well as in other states in key primary and runoff races.

The GOP establishment was stunned when candidates backed by the House Freedom Caucus won big. Led by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mark Meadows of North Carolina, the caucus is on the verge of adding dozens of more pro-Trump, anti-establishment lawmakers to Congress this fall.

One of the biggest victors was Chip Roy, the former chief of staff to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, who cruised to victory over his establishment-backed candidate.

The media and establishment gave Roy no chance to win the 21st congressional district of Texas when he announced his candidacy earlier this year, and now he is heavily favored to win in November. Roy is fired up to campaign ahead of November’s general election, telling Breitbart that he’s bringing pro-Trump, Christian values to Washington, D.C.

Roy’s victory was one of many anti-establishment victories on Tuesday. In the 2nd congressional district of Texas, Dan Crenshaw crushed his opponent. Crenshaw, the staunchly anti-establishment who is also heavily favored to win in November, is a retired Navy SEAL who literally lost his eye while fighting terrorists.

Here’s an ad from Crenshaw, offering some insight into why so many are supporting him:

Several other Republicans handily won throughout Texas, giving them a strong chance of defeating their democratic counterparts in November.

In Georgia, the voters sent a strong, clear message to the D.C. swamp. Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, a fiercely anti-establishment and pro-Trump Republican, has been making headlines for months.

He’s the Georgia lawmaker who killed a half a billion dollar tax break on jet fuel for the Atlanta-based Delta Airlines after the company cut ties with the National Rifle Association.

But, Cagle may have fierce competition from Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp in a run-off election. Kemp has also made headlines recently for his bold campaign ads.

In one ad that went viral, Kemp shows off his massive truck that he said he will use to help round-up criminal illegal aliens. The ad also features him clutching a gun and blowing things up.

Watch Kemp’s ad below:

Kemp also released a hilarious ad showing his support for the Second Amendment. In the video, Kemp interviews a young man interested in dating his daughter, and is seen asking him about his values and whether he supports gun rights.

Check it out below:

These massive victories across the country are not only huge for the Freedom Caucus, it sends a clear message that voters want more pro-Trump candidates, not more establishment foes who won’t fight for the president’s agenda.