ESPN Promotes Jemele Hill

PUBLISHED: 10:51 PM 26 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 10:52 PM 26 Jan 2018

ESPN’s Jemele Hill Going To New Show On Race And Culture

ESPN has certainly chosen an interesting path for this outspoken announcer.

ESPN is not punishing Jemele Hill, they are promoting her.

If you want to make liberals like you, just insult the president. ESPN host Jemele Hill referred to President Trump as a “white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists” and the resulting popularity jolt has taken her career to new heights.

She should have been fired for her cruel, race-baiting comments. Instead, ESPN has effectively given her promotion. She’s been yanked off of “SportsCenter” and will instead work for The Undefeated, an ESPN micro website that deals with race and sports in today’s society.

It’s disgusting. Saying foul things about the commander in chief isn’t something that should be rewarded. Calling the president a white supremacist could easily lead civil unrest. What if her listeners actually believed her?

“I have more regrets about the medium because as most of us find out every day in some form or fashion that Twitter is not necessarily a place for nuance,” Hill said in a smarmy statement about her comments against President Trump. The worst of her remarks were published on Twitter.

“Twitter’s not even really a place where you want to have some extensive conversation, especially about race… I don’t regret what I said or even the language that I used. It’s just the where. I think the where is problematic.”

She doesn’t feel bad because she didn’t have to deal with any negative consequences. She’s even more popular now than she was before she opened her mouth and tried to talk about politics. She’s absolutely relishing the attention.

“You become a walking think piece for people,” Hill told Sports Illustrated.

“It brought a different level of scrutiny, a different level of attention. I don’t think I ever imagined in my career I would be brought up as a topic of discussion at a White House Press Briefing or have the President tweet about me. For that to happen in one clump of time, it was almost as if I was watching this happen to someone else.”

Hill is one the last people who should be lecturing others about the role of race in society, but ESPN has given her a new platform anyway. It’s trendy to be part of the “resistance”, it’s considered cool to be anti-Trump. ESPN executives are trying to appease Millennials by promoting a racist woman’s views.

“There is an old adage that says, the heart wants what it wants… I started at ESPN 11 years ago as a columnist and while I have worn many hats in the time since, my true love always has been writing, reporting and commentary,” Hill said happily when her new position was announced.

“While I have grown in every way imaginable this last year on the 6 p.m. SportsCenter, deep down I knew it wasn’t my calling… My first choice was to work with The Undefeated, a site that covers the intersection of race, African-American culture and sports in creative and compelling ways.”

Mainstream media outlets have been pounding the Trump administration for the past year. The talking heads were absolutely flabbergasted when President Trump destroyed Hillary Clinton in the last election. Instead of admitting that they misjudged the political climate in the country, they’re trying to undercut President Trump’s White House.

Hill held on to her gig at SportsCenter for less than a year. Ironically, when the show was first announced ESPN made a point of referencing how edgy she and co-host Michael Smith were. It’s like the network expected her to have an outburst. 

With a format geared to fit Smith and Hill’s personalities, along with a specially-designed set and its own music, The Six will be different from any other SportsCenter produced since ESPN’s first telecast of its signature news and information program in 1979,” the network gushed in a January 2017 press release.

Hill’s being shuffled over to a new show, but Smith is remaining on SportsCenter. “While Jemele’s unique array of gifts as a journalist, storyteller and critical thinker has already enriched The Undefeated on a number of occasions, today is an exciting day,” said Rob King, ESPN Senior Vice President, Original Content.

President Trump’s war with the media makes sense. He hasn’t allied himself with Fox News because that’s the only conservative outlet, he’s done it because Fox is the sole network that’s still committed to the truth. A lust for ratings has warped Fox’s competitors.

Journalists don’t need to be sycophants, but they should treat the president with basic respect. Hill didn’t do that. She used inflammatory, racist language to belittle the leader of the free world. She’s within her rights as an American to do so, but if ESPN were a higher quality network, it wouldn’t want to associate with her.