Lava Breaks Surface

PUBLISHED: 6:27 PM 4 May 2018

Eruption Could Be Imminent As Hawaii Homeowners Evacuated Amid Lava Break Through

After a series of small quakes, and a 5.0 one yesterday, residents fled homes quickly after lava erupted through the ground.

FEMA and other officials are on the scene tending to the situation.

A massive eruption may be imminent in Hawaii as the government has ordered evacuations amid a lava “curtain of fire” spewing 100 feet high, according to Hawaii News Now. The eruptions triggered a state of emergency and many officials joined efforts to get residents to safety.

As homeowners in Puna, Hawaii have been evacuated, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Hawaii National Guard have been on the scene helping residents reach the Pahoa and Keeau emergency shelters.

Officials fear other activities could be triggered by the initial eruption, which would place even more residents at risk.

On Thursday night, the Hawaii Volcano Observatory flagged seismic activity and warned residents to prepare for a possible major eruption. A few hours later, they reported a magnitude 5.0 earthquake that sent lava and a huge plume of ash into the air.

Here’s a video showing the ash and smoke filling the sky.

Residents who aren’t located in the evacuation zone were urged not to travel anywhere near the area. Officials fear the initial quake and eruption could possibly trigger other activities in the region, which could have catastrophic effects and put thousands of residents in danger.

Leilani Estates, where the eruption took place, has a population of roughly 1,500 people.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige has declared a state of emergency, activated the state National Guard, and is coordinating with FEMA to ensure everyone is safe and that the islands maintain power for other residents.

Here’s a video of the lava exploding out of the ground:

A resident who spoke with the media described the lava and eruption, saying it was so strong and powerful they could even smell it.

“It sounded like if you were to put a bunch of rocks into a dryer and turn it on as high as you could,” Jeremiah Osuna, who captured drone footage used in news coverage, told Honolulu’s KHON-TV.

He added: “You could just smell sulfur and burning trees and underbrush and stuff.”

He went on to say that his family and pets are safe, but that he worries others on the island may not be as lucky and fortunate as he was to reach safety.

Hawaii hasn’t experienced a major volcano threat since 2014, which resulted in several homes throughout communities in Pahoa being destroyed by the lava.

In 1983, a volcano erupted in Hawaii that sent lava fountains nearly 1,500 feet high into the sky, which was the highest ever recorded.