Holder Demands Defiance

PUBLISHED: 10:23 PM 24 May 2018

Eric Holder Demands DOJ, FBI Unconstitutionally Defy President

He wants them to ‘protect the institutions.’

“Protect the institutions” is the way they did it under Barack Obama but that doesn’t make it either right or legal. Seems like what Eric Holder is really trying to protect is his own behind.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder’s “fast and furious” fingers may have shot him in the foot on Monday. He demanded that his current FBI and DOJ counterparts illegally defy their Constitutional obligations, simply to thwart President Donald Trump.

“Protect the institutions” is the way they did it under Barack Obama but that doesn’t make it either right or legal. Seems like what he’s really trying to protect is his own behind.

“More DOJ norms being eroded. Trump – a SUBJECT of the investigation – wants access to material related to the inquiry. His Congressional supporters want evidence connected to an ongoing investigation. Time for DOJ/FBI to simply say no – protect the institutions and time tested norms.” Holder Tweeted.

Holder should be much more careful about who he points the twitter finger at, Obama and him both have a lot more skeletons in their closet than liberals believe. He is certainly in no position to demand anything from anyone.

The “Fast and Furious” program earned the ex-Attorney General the distinction of being “the first sitting member of the Cabinet of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress.” If it wasn’t for presidential executive privilege, Obama would have joined him.

With the things that are being uncovered about the Obama administration’s Department of Justice every day, he may soon find himself on the witness stand, facing a number of awkward questions.

During the Obama years, Holder worked alongside the Arizona Field Office of the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives on a sting operation. Their brilliant “gunwalking” idea was to let guns walk right out onto the streets and start killing people.

On purpose, they let licensed dealers sell weapons to illegal middlemen called “straw buyers” knowing they would end up in the hands of Mexican drug cartel leaders. The guns were supposed to be the bait leading to big arrests.

All the guns vanished. They started trickling back in, one-by-one, after being used in crimes on both sides of the border. U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed with one. “El Chapo” Guzman got a .50-caliber sniper rifle out of the deal.

Ever since he was in college, Holder felt laws he didn’t like were okay to simply ignore. As a Columbia University freshman in 1970, Holder took part in “a five-day, armed protest, and occupation of the university’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) building.”

It was organized by the “Black Students’ Organization.” At the time, Holder “was an active member on campus of the Student Afro-American Society.”

His group “released a statement supporting the efforts of 21 Black Panthers charged with plotting to blow up a police station, department stores, railroad tracks and the New York Botanical Gardens.”

Holder’s armed occupation was successful, They got the ROTC office converted into the infamous “Malcolm X Lounge” that Obama liked to “relax” in.

On January 2, 2016, the Bundy brothers and their supporters peacefully began occupying Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in protest over a septuagenarian rancher and his son unjustly imprisoned for managing their own land. They would later spend over two years in jail for the same thing Holder got away with Scot free.

The Bundys were released after two trials and without being convicted of anything. Following Holder’s example, Ryan Bundy announced a run for Governor of Nevada.

The liberal riots in Ferguson, Missouri that led to the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement certainly has Holder’s afro-activist fingerprints all over them.

After George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense, the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service is documented providing cash and support for “marches, demonstrations, and rallies” in Sanford, Florida.

Similar organized demonstrations popped up in city after city at every opportunity. The blatantly antagonistic “Antifa” faction, who arm themselves with sticks and Molotov cocktails, and come to rallies in homemade riot gear, was an offshoot.

In court, Holder used his position as the nation’s top prosecutor to set up sweetheart deals with settlements. Conservative groups didn’t get one shred of consideration but he went out of his way for progressive ones.

Fox news reports, Eric Holder “allowed prosecutors to strike agreements compelling big companies to give money to outside groups not connected to their cases to meet settlement burdens.

Republican lawmakers long have decried those payments as a ‘slush fund’ that boosted liberal groups, and the Trump DOJ ended the practice earlier this year.”

Holder may even be the one who started “the process of weaponizing the DOJ.” At one point while in office, Holder actually ordered surveillance on the Associated Press.

Even reporters not working there were targeted for wiretaps. Reporters emails were read and their movements were monitored.

Holder’s calls for Justice Department independence are absurd. The Constitution spelled out exactly how the government is supposed to be divided.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is under the control of the Justice Department, who in turn is under the watchful eye of President Trump. That is the way it is supposed to be.

For too long, the parts of our government supposed to be enforcing the laws have been doing whatever they please. They have gotten far too complacent after years of being the ones who ask the questions, not answer them. They are about to get a rude awakening.