PUBLISHED: 10:17 PM 5 Dec 2017

Equality Law Takes Aim On Halal Grocery Store, Courts Rule On “Discriminatory” Practice

Mayor of Colombes, Nicole Goueta, has stated she tried to convince the owner to diversify his goods to meet the laws but that he is ultimately choosing to ignore the laws and continues to discriminate against non-Muslims.

Mayor of Colombes, Nicole Goueta, has stated she tried to convince the owner to diversify his goods to meet the laws but that he is ultimately choosing to ignore the laws and continues to discriminate against non-Muslims.

The wave of “multiculturalism” that has been sweeping across Europe has continued to cause more and more added stress to the lives of the European locals.  Their leaders systematically opened the doors to not only their metropolis cities but also their humble villages, which sustain the traditions and cultures that make up Europe, to the Muslim migrants seeking new homes.  Their hospitality has been returned with hostility and disrespect but now a French town has had enough as they move forward with plans to close a halal shop for failing to provide alcohol and non-halal meat.

The French culture is one that has endured throughout many hardships.  Their early history began with a series of Roman settlements and towns in what was formerly Gaul, and progressed to be ruled by psychotic tyrants who believed themselves to be in charge from God’s hands.  They rejected that doctrine and although struggled, rose to become one of the world’s superpowers through their adaption and competitiveness with their neighbors.

It all depended on the Renaissance notions that the state should be secular while still providing for their citizens with their own money, a concept apparently foreign to many who wish for religious laws to take hold once again.

The laws of France were designed to be secular in that no religion should be state sponsored in any way, that means public demonstrations. Muslims know these laws but by actively going against them, they are not only breaking the law, but praising Allah by doing so.

These secular laws were designed by the French so that no form of religion was made superior over another. It orginially included Catholics and Protestants, but now it is supposedly applicable to all religions.  However, there is one problem as it is required by Islamic law that no man-made laws come above theirs and so this makes it especially difficult for Muslims to understand these secular laws.  That is a primary issue at play here as the citizens of the town were no longer welcome in the halal shop because it had basically become a religious grocery store.

The town of Colombes has had an on-going battle with a particular halal supermarket for some time now.  The mayor claimed she has tried for over two years to have the owner comply with diversifying his selection to entice more than just Muslim shoppers to shop there.  In fact, it was even in the contract for the building that the store had to be a general grocery store and not a specific type, such as halal.

It simply comes down to a matter of the law of the land of France.  They are a secular people who do not like being discriminated against when they can no longer go to a grocery store.  The owner of the shop is likely to challenge the ruling of the court on the basis of discrimination but the fact that they only sell Islamic approved goods shows their own discriminatory practices.

The supermarkets offer none of the goods that the French people are accustomed to as their failure to provide general goods is forcing the state to close the store down. All they had to do was adjust their culture to French culture, which the French have undoubtedly returned by allowing them residence, but no. The owner has made it clear what he thinks of French law.

In all honesty, the French town gave the owner every opportunity to change his store to fit the needs of the whole community, not just the Muslim community.  By selling non-halal meat and alcohol, he could have avoided the entire fiasco but his intolerance towards French law and the needs of others in community shows that he has no desire to comply.  The owner is ultimately left with his shop getting shut down and massive fines because he could not comply with the French law.

Many of the store’s frequent shoppers try to claim that there really is no problem and it is simply the French state acting discriminatory against Muslims but this is clearly not the case.  If they bothered to learn the history of the land they now call their home, they would understand that France has had a bit of a problem with religious authorities in the past and have since structured their culture to act in a secular manner rather than openly religious.  However, the Muslims do not care and only cry that it is discrimination because they are Muslims as they believe themselves to be above the French law.

Although shutting down a shop was not even a priority or a joy for the Mayor, it had to be done.  She simply stated that she is secular and the laws must be applied equally to all.  It is a sensical step that needs to be taken with all issues regarding the way in which the Muslims have begun to demand special privilege over others by requiring a policing of Islamophobic comments across the continent.

The streets of Paris in 2017. Notice the ISIS flag being proudly displayed with no fear of reprecussion or consequence. At times it seems like France as we know was going to be forever changed but this new ruling suggests that their laws will not be ignored.

Europe’s problems are not going to get better if they feel bad about enforcing their own laws.

Below is a video detailing the dilemma as well as a video about what halal meat actually is and the way in which Muslims consider the meat to be “cleansed.”