Islamic Banking In England

PUBLISHED: 11:55 PM 6 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 11:55 PM 6 Mar 2018

English Encourage Islamic Financial Relations By Offering Bank Tool

It would help London to continue to be the “global hub for Islamic finance.”

The Bank of England is helping Sharia Law practitioners.

Sharia Law, though well known to be vile towards civil rights, caustic to women, and hostile to progress, is not as well known as the Islamic system which fails to offer many perks when it comes to business, either. The horrid state of many Middle East banking and business deals highlight this every time that the tank is filled up, yet the Bank of England in London is embracing Sharia Law with little concern for such truths.

This happens even as Islamic Councils have come under scrutiny for promoting such detestable notions there, no less. According to information obtained from 4 Traders, the “Bank of England plans to offer a proposed sharia-compliant liquidity tool to a wider range of financial institutions beyond Islamic banks to boost demand.” This may good for the London Stock Exchange in the short term, but what is the bigger picture?

Allowing any Sharia foothold means that, on some level, the law of England respects the foul legal structure embraced by the most loathsome side of Islam and is, for that reason, a huge danger.

The goal is greed, in this case, a greed so powerful that those supporting the notion would be willing sacrifice the precepts of a free society on the altar of Allah to feed it. The Bank of England aims to be “global hub for Islamic finance, aiming to attract business from core centres in the Middle East and Southeast Asia,” and they don’t seem to care about silly things like religious freedom or women’s rights at all.

At least not if it hampers their bottom line any.

The bank is working on “a fund-based deposit model” which would make it so that “Islamic lenders meet regulatory requirements for liquid asset buffers.” This nuance should greatly anger those who have said that immigration is a rich part of the West, because in the past which they are referring to, such migrants wanted to become like those in the West. Today, even the very banks are supposed to change for their culture, and that is nothing short of venomous for liberty.

From this alteration, “the tool will also be available to institutions whose articles of association incorporate sharia compliance, Arshadur Rahman,” according to  Arshadur Rahman, “manager in the bank’s sterling markets division.”

For some reason, even as billions are spent to fight Sharia Law compliant nations in the Middle East due to the evils that they bring upon the world, the same structure is being tolerated in the West (England, in this case). This would be like the U.S. hanging up just a few NAZI flags as World War Two was happening, to put the madness into perspective.

While no specifics are given from the Bank of England, this deal “may include Islamic mortgage firms, Islamic insurance firms, and Islamic leasing firms.” All the while, the Sharia mindset behind it all supports beating women and stoning people since this is not the moderate side of Islam, to say the least.

It seems that Rahman envisions a future where Islam is so vital, even in it’s hate-filled Sharia form, that the U.K. will perish if not catering to it and doing business with such people. He calls this new way something that will make the bankfuture proof” now “by ensuring there is adequate demand.

Two questions arise at this point: one, how did the West ever survive all of this time without relying on throat cutters in the past? Could nations have drilled for their own oil back then, and maybe had a few morals too? At least enough scruples to not handshake someone who throws acid in peoples faces “legally” where they are from?

Secondly, if the West failed to do any business with those who endorse or support Sharia Law (or are supported by it), wouldn’t that make such nations likely to conform to more humane structures? No war needed, but no need to alter what is right in order to make an extra dollar, either.

This approach seems to be working as sanctions cripple North Korea who today spoke of forsaking (maybe) their WMD while in talks with South Korea. Therefore, it can happen today.

Many nations could have made easy money from the Kim Jong-un, just as the Bank of England may make a fortune from dealing with those who toss gays from buildings, but at what cost?

If, however, that is who the West has become, perhaps the Sharia fate is almost deserved.

Sources: The Conservative Daily Post4 Traders