Martial Law Cometh

PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 19 Nov 2018
UPDATED: 6:46 PM 19 Nov 2018

England Army Readied: Troops In The Streets Prepared For ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Many people anticipate chaos if a no-deal Brexit occurs, including the government.

Many people suggest that the citizens of England should get ready to for a government betrayal and martial law.

The army has prepared secret plans to deploy troops on the streets, if a no-deal Brexit scenario should occur.

Plans have been made for Operation Temperer, which is usually reserved for the case of terror threat, for the potential chaos the no-Brexit would create. So basically, martial law will be enacted if the people don’t behave when their leaders betray them.

The government plans cover how the military could help keep public order amid mutiny, concerning such as the delivery and stockpiling of medicines to hospitals, according to reports.

Chief of Defense Staff General Sir Nick Carter said the army would “stand ready to help” in the event of a ‘No Deal’.

So basically, the military force of the government is ready to ‘keep order’ in the event that the elected officials in Britain defy their orders from the people to remove the county from European Union.

“The army has around 1,200 troops on 24-hour standby which can deal with a range of operations and contingencies.

“And a further 10,000 military personnel are available to assist with an emergency at short notice.”

Carter stated, “We make sensible contingency plans for all sort of eventualities whether it’s a terrorist attack, a tanker driver dispute or industrial action.

“At this stage I think people are confident there will be a deal, if there’s not one, we stand ready to help in any way we can.”

He added, “We’re involved in thinking hard about what it might involve. We’ve not been asked to do anything specifically at this stage,” concerning the stockpiling of medicines and other health necessities.

The Daily Mail reported, “The team of around 20 officers, based in the army’s headquarters in Andover, Hampshire, are also drawing up plans to create a lorry park in in Folkestone near an army training centre to ease traffic in Kent, according to an army source.

“Operation Temperer was the codename for the plan to put 5,000 troops on the streets following major terrorist threats.

“It was devised in 2015 and was kept secret until it was uncovered by Mail on Sunday.”

Theresa May, who made the decision, claimed it would be the decision of police chiefs to decide where to deploy the military.

“David Cameron had opposed controversial power because he didn’t want the UK to appear like it had lost control and was imposing martial law.”

However, to most thinking people, that’s exactly what it appears to be. In the socialist controlled England, there is no longer freedom, there is only the illusion of it.