Emails Cast Doubt

PUBLISHED: 5:21 PM 9 May 2018

Emails Show Democrats Lied About Claims Against Scott Pruitt

Emails show Democrats lied about emails from top EPA officials in an effort to Scott Pruitt was misusing funds.

Democrats busted lying about Scott Pruitt.

Recently released emails between top Environmental Protection Agency officials show that democrats deliberately lied when they claimed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was using “questionable” actions to “misuse” government funds, according to The Daily Caller.

House Democrats, led by Democrat Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas, blatantly lied and characterized emails from top EPA employees in a deceitful way that suggested Pruitt was trying to illegally redirect taxpayer funds to create a new agency office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is his hometown.

House Democrats point-blank claimed Pruitt was misusing EPA funds to establish a new agency office in his hometown. This egregious attack is just the latest from democrats, who are compiling a laundry list of smears to take down one of President Donald Trump‘s top officials.

Democrats are highly upset that Pruitt is dismantling former President Barack Obama‘s legacy at the EPA, and this is the latest stunt to have him removed from office.

Johnson’s salacious claims spawned from rogue EPA officials and Chief of Staff Ryan Jackson, who gave the emails to democrats. These email chains reportedly have gaps and were cherry-picked to fit the left-wing narrative.

The communications, which were reviewed by The Daily Caller, show that Pruitt asked EPA officials to find a location “where he could work” when he was home in Oklahoma, not “questionable financial management” as democrats and rogue officials have suggested.

The emails show Pruitt was trying to find ways to work from home (wow, how awful of him!) in a way that was “consistent with past administrators” and followed security measures that were suitable and would be secure.

The entire email chain between Jackson, Pruitt and other officials can be read here.

This is just the latest embarrassing and disgusting attempt from rogue officials at the EPA and democrats to undermine Pruitt’s authority. Democrats have been busted deliberately lying about the emails and what Pruitt was discussing.

The attempt was designed to portray Pruitt as taking taxpayer funds and using them in an unethical, and potentially illegal, manner. However, Pruitt simply asked, very clearly, in an email about creating an EPA office — in accordance with previous administrations — so that he would be able to do additional work from his hometown in Oklahoma.

Why is that bad? What’s unethical about that? Nothing.

This is just the latest smear job from democrats who can’t fathom that elections have consequences. Trump won because he vowed to dismantle Obama’s horrendous agenda and policies.

Democrats are acting shocked by this, and now claim illegal actions are taking place — which we now know is a complete lie.