James Comey Had Massive Support

PUBLISHED: 1:45 AM 7 Feb 2018

Emails Collected Show Deep State Support Of James Comey

It appears many agents felt strongly about their director being fired.

Latest release of emails paints too rosy of a picture in support of Comey

The MSM claimed that President Donald Trump set off a firestorm when he canned FBI Director James Comey last May. The White House lost faith in Comey and claimed that the bureau had lost faith in their chief. But as we witnessed this week, the Deep State is alive and well.

In May, House Speaker Paul Ryan confirmed that Trump had indeed lost confidence in the FBI director, saying that firing Comey was “no small thing and quite a serious matter”, but his conduct, comments and handling of matters made both Republicans and Democrats lose faith.

Despite the media uproar, it is entirely within the rights of the President to fire the FBI Director.

This past week was an interesting and eventful week as McCabe took a permanent vacation from the FBI and since the famous Nunes memo named four top FBI officials in what is shaping up to be a very interesting collusion scheme all on its own.

As the Nunes memo broke, FBI agents have been on CNN and members of the retired FBI agents group stand up for the agency, which is understandable since the American people have lost so much faith in the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

Interestingly, the MSM is bringing the FBI into their tangled web of leftist propaganda as they show “newly obtained email messages” that detail FBI staff reactions to Comey’s firing back in May.

It’s very interesting timing, as the emails just happen to surface now, after all these months. What are the odds they’d surface the same week as the Nunes memo? Pretty high!

Media outlets like CNN and Huff Post are circulating the memos that show the FBI’s “pain” and “loss” after Comey was ousted.  Gee, it almost sounds like they need a safe space. Move over millennials.

Apparently, the national security blog Lawfare did a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and they’re just now getting the 103 pages of records, over the weekend. Of course, they did.

It is also important to mention that Lawfare’s editor Benjamin Wittes is a Comey bestie?

One letter from the Knoxville, Tennessee field office says, “We are not going to let this defeat us and like I said it will only make us stronger. Unexpected news such as this is hard to understand but I know you all know our Director stood for what is right and what is true!”

In another email, Phoenix special agent Michael DeLeon wrote, “We all felt the pain associated with the loss of a leader who was fully engaged and took great pride in the FBI organization and our employees.  Everyone is surprised and we are certainly disappointed with the events surrounding this matter.”

Now, none of these sentiments are really out of the ordinary. They reflect affection for a much-admired boss. Even Paul Ryan, in the comment referenced above, referred to Comey as a dedicated professional, but that he had lost confidence. It happens to everyone. Sometimes you get fired.

It’s also not surprising that none of the emails agree with Comey’s firing. After all, who’s going to use their work email to say something negative about the boss, right?

There were a few emails that were non-emotional and very matter of fact about Comey’s firing.

One agent talked about the “wide range of emotions” he felt about the firing.

What is interesting is the timing of this release and the fact that the MSM is reporting only one side (well, that is not really surprising).

A lot of people had lost confidence in Comey after all of his shenanigans, particularly the Dems. In a Washington Examiner article from November 2, 2016 (just a week before the election), Chuck Schumer (D-New York) issued a no-confidence vote against Comey. Nancy Pelosi (D-California) went even further, saying “Maybe he’s not in the right job. I think that we have to just get through this election and just see what the casualties are along the way.”

No one expected the casualty to be Hillary Clinton. Pelosi was pretty smug that day, basically saying that once Hillary got into office, they’d punish Comey for mucking up his role.

The MSM is determined to show a skewed-to-the-left view about this. But let’s not forget that the day after Comey’s firing, press secretary (then deputy) Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that they had heard from countless FBI employees who were grateful for President Trump’s swift action.

So as much as the MSM would like you to believe otherwise, there were a lot of people—Trump, Pelosi, Hillary (as she says in her book), and Comey’s FBI agents—who had lost confidence in their director.