PUBLISHED: 10:12 PM 11 Jul 2016
UPDATED: 11:10 PM 11 Jul 2016

Elizabeth Warren May Be An Idiot, But This Study Shows She Definitely ISN’T Indian

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been saying for years that she is Native American. However there are conflicting reports that say she used the Native American status to further elevate her career. One of the first reports of this showed up when she was running against Republican Scott Brown and he challenged her to provide some details of her Native American heritage. Warren 2

Brown wasn’t the first person to discuss her background, as the Boston Herald did so back in the 1990s, when Warren was a law school teacher for Harvard University. The paper also said that Harvard used that knowledge to show off their diversity. While she may have described herself as Native American then, there are other reports that Warren didn’t check the Native American box when she applied to Rutgers Law School. She also labeled herself as “White” while teaching at the University of Texas.

If those reports are true, then Senator Warren did indeed use her supposed status of Native American to boost her career upwards. It should also be noted that, according to International Business Times, “The senator is reportedly 1/32 Cherokee, but that would not qualify her to be a member of the tribe, according to Yahoo news.” So essentially she may have some Native American blood in her, but not enough to actually label her as a member of the tribe.Elizabeth Warren

Warren has talked about her heritage, but doesn’t exactly give the most concrete evidence out there. In 2012 when she was talking to The Washington Post, she kind of danced around the question, only offering this “I still have a picture on my mantle at home, and it’s a picture of my mother’s dad, a picture of my grandfather. And my Aunt Bee has walked by that picture at least a thousand times, remarked that her father, my Pappa, had high cheekbones, like all of the Indians do, because that’s how she saw it. And your mother got those same great cheekbones, and I didn’t.”

So to clarify, we still don’t know if Senator Warren is Native American or not. Just because she said that her family members have claimed that they were Native American doesn’t mean they are. In that same 2012 interview, The Washington Post had this: “Cherokee groups have demanded documentation of the candidate’s Native American ancestry, but she hasn’t delivered.”  When the actual Native American groups ask for documentation and you fail to deliver, it does seem a bit suspicious.

All we have to go on is a battle of “he said, she said”.  But when the actual group asks for documentation and there is nothing shown, then it becomes a little more suspicious.