Principal Reveals Transgender Identity

PUBLISHED: 1:03 AM 9 Feb 2018

Elementary School Principal Reveals Gender Identity, Demands Acceptance From Children

The principal offered families several ways to explain this to their young children.

A principal suffering from gender dysphoria in Massachusetts is running an elementary school.

In Massachusetts, the principal of Swampscott’s Stanley Elementary School, Tom Daniels, has sent out a notice to the school’s community and to the press, announcing that he would like to be addressed as Shannon and that he believes he is a woman.

Liberals have praised Daniels for being a brave and courageous leader. Daniels asked the community to “…support me as you would a family member going through a profound life change.” Swampscott Superintendent Pamela Angelakis praised the principal for what she calls, “courage, honesty, and transparency.”

Gender and sex at one time were interchangeable terms like nation and race, however, progressives have been largely successful at convincing people that they are two different things, which they are not.

The consequences of redefining gender have encouraged untold numbers of people to act out and engage in a delusional behavior.

While liberals will insist that Tom Daniels is transgender and that his transition into masquerading as a female is natural, the fact is the principal is suffering a mental disorder known as gender dysphoria.

Gender dysphoria is when an individual believes they are emotionally and psychologically the opposite sex of what their biology dictates.

This mental disorder has grave consequences if left untreated, and the community engaging in mass delusion with this sick individual is a disservice to him. If the community cared about Daniels, they would help him find treatment, not encourage his perverse behavior.

Multiple studies on these mentally unstable individuals have shown that about half of them suffer from depression, anxiety or a combination of the two.

Studies consistently show that those suffering from gender dysphoria are far more likely to commit suicide than the general population. According to the American Foundation for suicide prevention, individuals suffering from Gender Dysphoria between the ages of 18-44, have an astronomical suicide attempt rate of 45 percent.

The study found even those between the ages of 45-64, attempt to commit suicide at an incredibly high rate of 33 percent. The lifetime attempted suicide rate for the United States on average is 4.6 percent. This mental illness leads to an attempted suicide rate 8-10 times that of the general population.

Allowing Daniel to play dress up in an elementary school and forcing children to address him as a woman will inevitably lead youth to believe that this sickness is normal. Accepting Daniels’ behavior in this elementary school will encourage young children to imitate him.

Deranged parents have recently begun giving their children hormone blockers when they are suffering from gender dysphoria. This practice blocks them from going through puberty and developing the physical characteristics of their sex.

Medical professionals are becoming rich conducting perverse experiments on mentally unstable individuals. Some doctors are engaged in conducting mutilating surgeries on these sick men, slicing off organs and leaving them with an open wound, which the disturbed surgeons proclaim to be female genitalia.

Some surgeons attach flesh bags to women and convince them it’s a phallus.

This practice is inhumane and disturbing, yet the left has embraced this movement. Despite all of the evidence reflecting the profoundly negative effects this disorder has on individuals and those surrounding them, the left is intent on encouraging this behavior.

No amount of hormone therapy or surgery will ever make Daniels a woman. Wearing dresses and high heels and putting on makeup will not change Daniels’ biological sex. Every cell in his body with the exemption of a small amount of reproductive fluid will have X and Y chromosomes.

Allowing this sick man around elementary school children, and presenting him as a role model, presents clear dangers to the children under his authority.

Stanley Elementary School is putting students at risk because of their unwillingness to engage in dialog outside of the parameters of political correctness.

The children under the care and guidance of principal Daniels are in some of the most formative years of their lives. These children deserve guidance from stable men and women of good moral character, that can help shape them into individuals who can become productive members of society and pillars in their communities.

The United States is a free country and Daniels can engage in whatever fantasies he wishes to. Those around him, however, should not be forced to entertain his delusions, especially when those delusions have an adverse effect on the young minds that represent the future of America.