White Privilege Worksheets

PUBLISHED: 3:44 PM 5 Apr 2018

Elementary School Gives Children ‘White Privilege’ Worksheets

A North Carolina school is teaching children about white privilege.

An elementary school handed out white privilege worksheets to students.

A Raleigh, North Carolina elementary school is giving “white privilege” worksheets with profanity links to second-grade students, according to The Daily Caller.

Students at the Hunter Magnet Elementary School were given an 11-step “white dominates” guide teaching them that their skin color allows them to enjoy advantages in life.

The worksheet was discovered during a Parent Teacher Association initiative, and parents were not happy about it.

“He’s 8 years old,” said parent Amber Pabon, whose child attends the elementary school. “What does he need to know about racism or white privilege?”

Parents were very upset about the entire worksheet, but many pointed to step three on the sheet.

Step three is titled,“(Begin to) Understand the Concept of White Privilege,” and claims that “white dominates the culture.”

It also links to resources that students can use to check their privilege and understand why their white skin gives them advantages in life minorities cannot enjoy.

One of the links goes to a manifesto written by feminist scholar Peggy McIntosh, which is titled, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.”

“I have the privilege to forget about my White Privilege,” says the worksheet. “For white people at least, this is a lifelong process, full of inevitable f*** ups but also of epiphanies.”

In step four, the worksheet discusses the difference between “racism and discrimination,” claiming only white people can be racist because of their dominating skin color.

Step eight explains that difference between “covert” and “overt” white supremacy in culture and asks readers to consider cultural appropriation.

The manifesto sent off a firestorm among parents who attended the meeting, with many were rightfully upset that second-grade students were being taught that being white was essentially bad.

This sickening worksheet is basically telling students they have an upper-leg in life over other races because they are white.

After voicing concerns, the PTA told parents they could opt out from receiving the worksheets if they choose to do so.

Pabon said she and other parents did but were still stunned that grade school children were being taught such horrifying things.

Many see how sickening it is to teach innocent young children to feel guilty for being born white, and thankfully parents fought back against this evil stunt from liberals.