Woman Collapses At Rally

PUBLISHED: 3:46 PM 6 Nov 2018

Elderly Woman Collapses At Trump Rally, What Happens Next Stuns

The crowd broke out in a moving rendition of ‘Amazing Grace.’

The woman was given medical attention. (Credit, TicToc, Twitter)

In Cape Girardeau, Missouri, President Trump paused his rally after an elderly woman collapsed. And, although it isn’t a new occurrence, what the crowd did next, stunned everyone.

After the president asked for someone in the crowd to provide medical assistance, the crowd spontaneously broke out singing “Amazing Grace,” as she was attended to.

Trump had been remembering his presidential victory and reminding the audience about the nickname”deplorables” bestowed by Clinton, when something caught his eye in the crowd.

The incident proves that the president doesn’t miss much… at all.

“Is there a doctor in the house, please? Doctor? Please. Thank you,” Trump said, pointing toward a group clustered around the woman at the Show Me Center.

The president asked the medical staff to take their time as he stepped away from the podium and halted the rally for about 10 minutes.

At one point, he asked the crowd to “say a little prayer,” and people behind the stage could be seen bowing their heads.

Then, the audience began singing “Amazing Grace.”

The woman was eventually taken out of the crowd, and the president was given the ‘OK’ sign from a man in a suit.

“That was really something,” Trump said, stepping back up to the podium. “I want to just thank everybody for the way you behaved. That was beautiful.”

“Hopefully she’ll be OK,” he added.

Many people understand that the president is not some wannabe dictator, he is a real person who is doing his best, bringing all his talents (for free) to benefit the nation.

His compassion, generosity, and humanitarian acts were well-known before he entered politics, and he was beloved by the elite who now call him a Nazi.

However, his policies are not socialist, like democrats. Fulfilling promises to the Nation of Israel is as far from being a Nazi as a person can get.

The American voter has responded to President Trump because unlike the rest of Washington D.C. politicians, he says what he means, and means what he says.

Watch the incredible reaction below: