Boy Interrogated For 'MeToo'

PUBLISHED: 10:09 PM 21 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 10:11 PM 21 Sep 2018

Eighth Grader Victim Of Dramatic Accusations

Keith Bailey made the mistake of angering a feminist classmate by choosing the wrong avatar, he got hauled away in handcuffs as ‘drama’ unfolded.

Dianne Feinstein would be so proud at what she accomplished as a role model.

Following in the footsteps of George Carlin as the class clown can have serious consequences in the “#MeToo” era, 13-year-old eighth grader Keith Bailey recently learned. He thought he was in trouble when he made a wisecrack about a classmate looking “like a school shooter,” but that was nothing compared with what changing his avatar would trigger. Apparently, teen girls have figured out how to make claims, and ruin the life of anyone they get mad at, thanks to democrats.

On Wednesday afternoon, the vice principal of a Colorado Springs middle school dragged Keith from the classroom and marched him back to her office for a secret two-hour interrogation. Administrators did not notify his parents or allow them to be present while he was questioned, just like in the play, “The Crucible.”

The media can have a powerful influence on young minds, especially “drama” loving teen girls. Dianne Feinstein would be so proud at what she accomplished as a role model.

“They kept asking him the same things over and over,” Keith’s father, Dennis Bailey relates. “They were just intimidating him, asking him the same thing in different ways, asking what he did to these girls and why he did it to them.” Did what? Nobody will say.

“They were vague the whole time. They never asked anything specific.” The parents still haven’t been notified exactly what he allegedly did.

“I think the whole political climate is what is motivating this. Anytime you disagree with somebody, now you accuse them of sexual assault and automatically they’re a victim and you’re a monster. It’s so highly publicized now,” Dennis notes.

There is a clue though. The night before Keith was arrested, “one of the girls’ parents phoned the Baileys.”

“Her mother gave us a call and said she just found out that Keith had been inappropriately touching her daughter and she just wanted to let us know.” The woman “obviously believed her daughter but she said it happened at the football game last week.”

“The problem with that is, my wife was at the football game the whole time. My son was there with his girlfriend and my wife didn’t want him unattended, so she had eyes on him the whole time.”

Mrs. Bailey told the girls mother, “that’s funny, I was there watching the whole time, he didn’t leave my sight and he was nowhere near your daughter.”

“To any reasonable person, I’d think that these allegations would be obviously ridiculous, but apparently there aren’t any reasonable people anymore,” Dennis Bailey observes. “He was hanging out with his girlfriend, he wasn’t running around molesting other girls.”

As reported in Danger, the “Crucible-like scenario” has the family “on edge.”

Dennis fumes, “I’m furious personally. I’m furious at these kids, and at their parents for allowing them to do something like this. I’m furious at the school for not even seeming like they are giving him a chance to defend himself, and the way they tried to intimidate him. It seems really shady how they wouldn’t call us until two hours after they started interrogating him.”

The family pieced together the events leading up to the arrest and traced it back to a week prior. The family tells the media, “Keith and his friends were sitting around his house talking about online anonymity. Keith decided to change his Snapchat avatar into a black Bitmoji character.”

Bitmoji’s are design it yourself avatars to identify you with an icon image in social media platforms.

“One of his friends, a girl, immediately noticed and within minutes told him he needed to change it back. She said it was insensitive and racist for a white person to use a black character as an avatar.” The young woman was not about to let the social offense go unpunished.

At school the next day, “the girl started telling everyone he was a racist.” That was only the beginning. “The harassment and accusations persisted for days.”

“Other students began threatening to beat up Keith, saying they were going to jump him after school for being ‘racist,’” Chadwick Moore of Dangerous reports. “Then the girl and her three other female classmates took it to the next level.”

“Appearing to take a page from the Feinstein handbook on how to destroy your political enemies,” More writes, the girls approached the school’s vice principal. They leveled criminal charges “of sexual harassment and assault stemming back to the summer.”

The Bailey’s insist their son is being framed. “They hang out all the time. If he had been maliciously touching them since back in the summer, then they wouldn’t be going out of their way to walk by our house to go to school together. They go to youth group together, they carpool together.”

One of the accusers demonstrates firmly “feminist” ideology, the 32-year-old plumber explains. Keith is a good student, scoring mostly A’s and B’s. He takes advanced math and plays football. He attends church and reportedly is well-liked by his teachers.

While his son was hauled downtown for fingerprints and mug shots at the police station, Dennis Bailey had a chat with school officials. “Neither school administrators nor the police would tell Keith or his parents the exact nature of the allegations.”

The charges are “unlawful sexual conduct and harassment.” If convicted, there is a maximum sentence of two years, which would be in a juvenile detention center.” His first court date is October 27 and they will all have to wait until then “to learn what, exactly, the girls claim Keith did to them.”

It all comes down to the example set by television, Dennis insists. “What 13 year old girl doesn’t love drama? I imagine that’s all they see it as. Let’s stir up some drama. What they don’t realize is now he is facing criminal charges.”

He hopes the girls did it without truly understanding the repercussions. He can understand how “the #metoo thing” looks like “a way to get what they want. It’s a quick way to demonize somebody.” If they did foresee what the actual ramifications would be, that would be truly evil.