Snowden Exposes Facebook

PUBLISHED: 4:46 PM 19 Mar 2018

Edward Snowden Warns Facebook Is A Surveillance Company Posing As “Social Media”

Snowden said Facebook has been collecting data on people like an intelligence agency.

Snowden exposes Facebook's operation to collect data.

NSA whistleblower and former CIA contractor, Edward Snowden, exposed the secret “surveillance” tactics of Facebook, according to Zero Hedge.

Snowden said Facebook has been “rebranding” social media and tricking users into believing it is acceptable for the company to collect data on all of its users.

Snowden’s comments came in response to reports that Facebook suspended Strategic Communication Laboratories and Cambridge Analytica for what the company claims was an improper use of collected data.

In 2015, Cambridge Analytica purchased data from University of Cambridge psychology professor, Dr. Aleksandr Kogan, who developed an app called “ThisIsYourDigitalLife.”

His app stored information on users, their contacts, and what they were doing on social media.

After Kogan and Cambridge Analytica came to an agreement with the social media giant to delete the data the app gathered, Facebook claimed it received reports that the data wasn’t deleted.

Facebook not only refused to identify the sources who made the claim, the company deleted Cambridge Analytica and SCL from the platform.

In response, Snowden sent out two tweets on Saturday slamming Facebook for being a surveillance hub posing as a social media website.

Snowden said social media companies are “surveillance companies” who engaged in a “successful deception” by rebranding themselves to the public.

It’s also important to note that Cambridge Analytica worked for Sen. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson during the 2016 presidential election prior to joining the Trump campaign.

Cambridge Analytica has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, claiming it used public data just like everyone else — including Democrats — to identify potential voters and their interests.

Snowden’s argument is that something must be done to combat the corrupt government authority.

With Silicon Valley and social media platforms operating without any oversight or laws, they are clear to do whatever they please.

Many are rightfully concerned that Facebook deleted two major data firms — who happen to be associated with Trump — without offering any insight or information on the arbitrary decision.

This is another egregious action taken by Facebook that many believe is geared toward suppressing conservatives.