Economic Civil War

PUBLISHED: 5:12 PM 14 Apr 2020

Economic “War” Has Been Waged: States Race To Defy Trump And Constitution

This just about sums it up perfectly.

They never, ever stop pushing. (Source: NBC News YouTube Screenshot)

As the facts about COVID-19 slowly make their way to the powers that be, it’s becoming more and more clear that the county should reopen.

However, that general expectation doesn’t mean that democrats have forgotten their blood oath to destroy President Donald Trump, so it appears as if there will be a race to see which states will reopen first.

Interestingly, Sundance at Conservative Treehouse outlined the upcoming battle, and explained how these blue states are actually racing to violate the constitution:

It seemed clear several weeks ago this was going to happen.  East coast blue state governors and West coast blue state governors are uniting to begin the economic civil war planning to block any White House effort to re-open the U.S. economy.

The founders planned for this in Article I, Sec 10 (paragraph 3):

“No state shall, without the consent of Congress … enter into any agreement or compact with another state”..

The three step plan seems predictable: (1) Get out ahead of President Trump. (2) Defy the ‘all clear’ and shape economic benefit to their political allies. (3) Then use Fauci’s upcoming dossier to hit the administration for heartlessly opening the economy too early.

On the East Coast the governors of New York (Cuomo), New Jersey (Murphy), Connecticut (Lamont), Pennsylvania (Wolfe), Delaware (Carney) and Rhode Island (Raimondo) have started assembling their economic war council with the intent to keep the northeast region shut down.  Controlling critical ports and infrastructure is a key part of their strategy.

EAST COAST — Six Northeast governors will form a working group to come up with a plan to [control] the regional economy, they announced on Monday. (link)

♦ On the West Coast the governors of California (Newsom), Oregon (Brown) and Washington State (Inslee) are also assembling their economic war council for similar intents and purposes.  Combined with their political northeastern allies, controlling two-thirds of U.S. ports will give them a strategic advantage to keep choking the economy until after they can install their commanding general in the White House.

WEST COAST – The governors of Washington, California and Oregon on Monday announced they were working on a joint plan for [controlling] their states’ respective economies once it is safe to lift coronavirus-related restrictions.

It appears the Governors did not want to assemble their plans openly; however, they rushed to publicity to avoid their enemy, U.S. President Donald Trump, striking strategically against their schemes.  

During this economic war, residents within the Blue occupied territories will be held captive to the political whims of their regional generals.

The economic freedom and liberty zone will encompass the Red region. The center of the country, mid west, southern region (surrounding the Gulf of Mexico) and south eastern Atlantic region.

These areas will be open to commerce and economic freedom.

However, the urban dense populations (Blue pockets within Red zones) will push-back against the efforts of the Red generals in an attempt to retain alignment with their Blue team generals.  Depending on the strength of the urban forces there may be roadblocks, sabotage, skirmishes and political violence against the freedom & liberty Red team.

Red captives within the Blue zones will have to be smart and strategic.  Big Blue tech will be assisting the totalitarian Blue generals. Direct confrontation against the Blue forces should be avoided, and it will likely be a better strategy to fight stealthily as insurgents.

Any Red team member of the economic freedom alliance, trapped within a Blue region, is warned to evaluate their connection to their electronic devices.  Your cell phones could be used as portable transponders expose your movement and your political views.

This is going to be one hell of a battle.  A Spring and Summer conflict like we’ve never seen in the history of U.S. politics outside of actual, physical, civil war.  Fortunately for team freedom and liberty, this time the Red zones control most of the citizen armory.