French Revolution 2.0

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 24 Nov 2018
UPDATED: 6:45 PM 24 Nov 2018

Echoes Of Revolution: ‘People’s Revolt’ Takes Over Paris Streets

The city is in chaos becuase the people are incensed over the fact that the French government insists on increasing fuel prices to pay for rising ‘green initiatives.’

Paris is in chaos because of leftist government control.

In Paris, a ‘people’s revolt’ has begun, causing tear gas, water cannons, and massive injuries. As the violence escalated, President Emmanuel Macron seemed to be a target.

Pressure from the government on the people is reminiscent of the violent overthrow of the aristocracy. The government is forcing the people to pay outrageously rising fuel costs to fund global ‘green initiatives,’ but the people can’t be bled any further.

As calls for Macron to resign echoed through the streets, a police officer at the scene said protestors “included hooded demonstrators who were determined to cause trouble.”

“We’ve been forced to deploy a water cannon and use tear gas to stop them getting to a secure zone,” he added.

The zone he mentioned encompasses the Elysee Palace and Macron’s house, as well as the Place de la Concorde and France’s Parliament.

The Yellow Vests, the designation of many of the protestors, have barricaded streets after conducting a massive campaign opposing the rising fuel costs.

Of course, government officials blame both extremist ‘right’ and left’ groups for the hijacking the protests and creating the chaos, but protestors aren’t buying it.

Many people state that the people are joining the protest not because of politics, but because the government is bleeding them dry.

Senior French ministers have slammed the ‘radicalization’ and ‘anarchy.”

At least 553 people have been wounded, 17 of them serious, and two people have died. Since the violence began, more than 95 police have been hurt, “including an attempt to storm the Elysee Palace last weekend.”

Protestors promised to bring Paris to a halt today, and 3,000 police were out on the streets.

“By 11am, clouds of tear gas covered the Champs Elysee and especially the area close to the place de la Concorde.

“Running battles were taking place between mobile squads of CRS police, and the demonstrators, as objects were thrown between the two.

“The Champ de Mars  – the field next to the Eiffel Tower – had been set aside by the Paris authorities for the demonstration, but it was ignored by the protestors.”

“We’re not here to do what officials tell us,’ said Max Lefevre, a 22-year-old student, adding, “We’re here to oppose a government that is completely out of touch with the lives of ordinary people. This is a people’s revolt.”

Macron refuses to bow to the will of the people and has insisted that fuel prices must increase in compliance with the Paris Climate Change agreement.

He said there would be “no possibility of backing down regardless of the demonstrations.

Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne reported that diesel tax has increased by seven cents, and there is no plan to stop the rise.

It seems to many people that this revolt resembles the first time the people of France decided to throw off the outrageous burden placed on them by the ruling class.

For now, the chaos shows no sign of relenting.