Durham Moves

PUBLISHED: 3:09 PM 16 Sep 2021

Durham Acts? Times Propaganda Machine Activates To Protect Perkins Coie Lawyer

Given the previous activity of the ‘justice’ department, many people are skeptical.

Hoping for justice under this regime is a waste of time. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

John Durham has finally done something… but it’s unlikely that it will amount to anything.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Breaking news from the New York Times:

John H. Durham, the special counsel appointed by the Trump administration to scrutinize the Russia investigation, has told the Justice Department that he will ask a grand jury to indict a prominent cybersecurity lawyer on a charge of making a false statement to the F.B.I., people familiar with the matter said.

The lawyer is Michael Sussmann, who is accused of lying to the F.B.I. in a 2016 meeting about Trump and Russia.

To paraphrase a speech by Winston Churchill, I do not know if this is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning, but it is a beginning.

According to the Times, the indictment hinges in part on testimony from former FBI General Counsel:

Mr. Baker, the former F.B.I. lawyer, is said to have told investigators that he recalled Mr. Sussmann saying that he was not meeting him on behalf of any client.

But Sussmann told Congress a different story – via TechnoFog.

I want to believe that this is the start of the indictments of the Obama officials who spread the lie that Donald Trump was a puppet of Putin and a stooge of the Russians.

It was a heinous lie but the media worked tirelessly to spread it and keep it alive. But I am also a realist and acknowledge that hopes of justice being done have been dashed repeatedly. According to the Times, even Sussmann’s lawyers expect him to be indicted.

UPDATE–After re-reading the Times report I am pretty certain that the sources for the story are from Sussmann’s lawyers. Durham’s team is keeping quiet, which is what you want from a professional. I share the skepticism voiced by many in the comments. I will believe it when I see an indictment.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

The New York Times needed to put four of their top Trump-Russia narrative engineers on a defensive story about John Durham possibly indicting Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann over his involvement in pushing the Trump-Russia fraud to the FBI on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Michael Sussmann was one of the primary story-tellers used by The New York Times as a source to write articles about the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.  Durham might indict Sussmann for lying to the FBI because Sussmann said he wasn’t working for Hillary Clinton, yet Sussmann billed Hillary Clinton for the hours he spent pushing the Trump-Russia story.

Yeah, that might be a problem.

The wording of The Times story is rather humorous in their collective effort to retain credibility and yet draw some distance from their ally now under scrutiny.  Keep in mind, as you read this paragraph, Sussmann hired Crowdstrike, the cyber security firm who claimed the DNC was hacked by Russians and generated the Alfa bank conspiracy theory:

(NYT) […] Donald J. Trump and his supporters have long accused Democrats and Perkins Coie — whose political law group, a division separate from Mr. Sussmann’s, represented the party and the Hillary Clinton campaign — of seeking to stoke unfair suspicions about Mr. Trump’s purported ties to Russia.

This next paragraph is even more funny:

[…] Some of the questions that Mr. Durham’s team has been asking in recent months — including of witnesses it subpoenaed before a grand jury, according to people familiar with some of the sessions — suggest he has been pursuing a theory that the Clinton campaign used Perkins Coie to submit dubious information to the F.B.I. about Russia and Mr. Trump in an effort to gin up investigative activity to hurt his 2016 campaign.  (link)

A “theory”?  Too funny…  No, there is actual evidence this is exactly what happened.  It’s not even debatable at this point.  A “theory”?  Good grief.

2018 testimony from former FBI legal counsel James Baker revealed that Michael Susmann, representing the Clinton team, was feeding information to the FBI for use against the trump campaign.

In March and April 2016, around the same time when NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers was shutting down “contractor access” to FBI and NSA databases [an effort to stop the frequent FISA-702(16)(17) search abuses that were taking place], Michael Sussmann met with FBI Legal Counsel James Baker – Global Privacy Summit, April 5th, 2016.

With his former DOJ national security credentials Michael Sussmann integrated himself with the DNC’s cyber security team; and following the DNC intrusion (aka Seth Rich) Sussmann introduced the DNC to CrowdStrike.   The DNC goal was to identify the extent of the compromise.  Crowdstrike then helped the DNC hide the fact that Seth Rich was the extractor of the information -which Rich then gave to Wikileaks- and Crowdstrike then helped establish the narrative about the DNC being hacked.

Someone, likely from the Clinton camp, then killed Seth Rich.

TechnoFog has a great summary article of how Michael Sussmann is legally exposed.  READ IT HERE

The Clinton team hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump, package it as a dossier, and deliver it to the FBI for exploitation.

Fusion GPS is a political research firm and network of political operatives who sell their mercenary services to anyone willing to pay. Fusion has resources inside and outside government and the capability to exploit FBI and NSA databases containing information about U.S. citizens. Fusion then uses a secondary network of media outlets who they pay to write articles shaped for their purposes. Fusion GPS is operated by Glenn Simpson.

In April 2016, at the same time NSA Director Mike Rogers was shutting down contractor access to the FBI/NSA database; and at the same time FBI legal counsel was meeting with Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann; Hillary Clinton -through Perkins Coie- hired Fusion GPS to target her presidential campaign opponent, Donald Trump.

Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson then assigned Russian expert and CIA research analyst Nellie Ohr to the Trump project. At the time Nellie Ohr’s husband, Bruce Ohr, was the #4 ranking official inside the DOJ National Security Division. Simultaneous to Nellie Ohr’s assignment, Fusion GPS also sub-contracted with Christopher Steele for additional material and internal collaboration with Mrs. Ohr.

Glenn Simpson, Nellie and Bruce Ohr then worked with Christopher Steele on the “Steele Dossier” and the promotion of the content therein to media and FBI allies. We now know that in addition to FusionGPS, Chris Steele, Nellie Ohr (via Bruce Ohr), providing information to the FBI; there was Michael Sussmann representing the DNC also providing information into the FBI for the same purposes.

The FBI, through Peter Strzok and the Crossfire Hurricane team, then closed the loop on the ‘wrap up smear’ by exploiting the information within “the Dossier” to gain a Title-1 FISA surveillance warrant on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Hiding all of that political surveillance and collusion between the Clinton campaign and the FBI was what made the Trump-Russia story so important; and specifically why they needed to put Special Counsel Robert Muller into place to cover all the background activity.