DACA Protest At DNC

PUBLISHED: 12:03 AM 6 Mar 2018

Dreamers Blame Democrats For Trump Missing DACA Deadline

They are blaming both democrats and republicans.

As the March 5th deadline arrived, Democrats have still done nothing to protect children brought to the United States illegally. As such, the protections Obama put in place have been fully phased out, and now 'dreamers' are eligible for deportation.

A month ago, President Donald J. Trump gave an ultimatum to Congress and the Senate: either pass a comprehensive bill to cover illegal immigrants (and those brought to the United States as children), or he would phase out unconstitutional amnesties begun during the Obama administration.

That deadline was today, and as it came and went without any protection and any deal struck on Capitol Hill, illegal immigrants, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, and their allies have had enough.  Their ire was not aimed at Republicans, who did not support the Dreamers (at least not without certain conditions).  Rather, it was aimed at Democrats, and the Democratic National Committee’s offices in Washington, and the response was violent, and even cut down on the number of registered Democrats.

Illegal immigrant ‘dreamers,’ along with their allies in the civil rights community, staged a sit-in, blocking the entrances to the DNC’s offices in Washington.

Those gathered hoped to send the message that they don’t hold just the Republicans responsible for the failure to pass a comprehensive bill to help the ‘dreamers.’

To make that point further, allies of the illegal immigrant community have promised that they will also cancel their membership in the DNC, reducing the number of registered Democrats.

DreamerMaria Duarte pointed out that the Democrat party “made the decision to kick the can down the road and allow hundreds of thousands of us undocumented youth to live in uncertainty.”

She further pointed out that because of this, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants covered by DACA are now terrified that they will be removed from their homes and deported to their countries of origin.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez, who replaced Debbie Wasserman-Schultz shortly after the 2016 campaign revealed her biases, refused to admit that the DNC was responsible in any way.

Instead, he said that the fault lies with Donald J. Trump, the current President of the United States, calling his phase-out of Obama’s DACA policies “cruel and reckless.”

In a statement, Perez said that the decision made by Donald J. Trump to end DACA policies “created an unnecessary crisis that has left hundreds of thousands of Dreamers uncertain about their future.”

Over the six months since the President announced that he would be phasing out protections Obama provided the illegal immigrant children he termed ‘Dreamers,’ debate has been ferocious concerning the future of DACA recipients.

Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate could not come together due to differences of opinion on what the end result should be.

Even President Donald Trump got into the action, negotiating with Democrats from the White House.

No deal was reached, and President Trump refused to continue Obama’s frankly unconstitutional executive policies outlining the treatment of illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children.

Interestingly, the illegal immigrants protesting outside of the DNC offices in Washington have a point.

In the past, rather than work to pass legislation that would have been unpopular and may have cost some politicians their jobs, Democrats have been more than happy to pursue policies that ‘kicked the can down the road.’

Immigration legislation, especially legislation viewed as ‘amnesty,’ is ferociously unpopular with most voters outside those on the extreme life.

In an interesting twist, such legislation is also unpopular with immigrants who came to America legally.

Rather than push for legislated amnesty, Democrats during the Obama years instead utilized a series of executive orders and memos which shielded certain subsets of illegal immigrants from deportation by ICE and other federal agencies.

However, using executive orders and memos to set policy and undermine the law is not only questionable in its morality, it is also questionably legal.

Federal courts have repeatedly held that the power of the Presidency is weakest when it attempts to override the laws of the legislature.  DACA policies could have been seen as doing just that, and likely would not have stood up to a lawsuit.

For as much as Democrats may hate him, President Donald Trump has been MORE than happy to debate the issue, and to come to some sort of resolution.

However, President Trump has remained cautious and grounded in reality.  President Trump likely remembers that the last big amnesty for illegal immigrants was during the Reagan years, and that the funding for border security Democrats promised President Ronald Reagan never materialized.

As such, he’s demanded that Democrats, in exchange for ANY kind of amnesty, must fund the wall fully.

Democrats, on the other hand, decided that they didn’t want to make a deal.

Now, they’re paying the price, as their constituents flee their party and violently protest outside of their doors.

Perhaps after this, the DNC will view deportation of illegal immigrants in a more positive light.