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PUBLISHED: 2:45 PM 22 Jun 2018

Dossier Creator At Obama State Department In Election Run-Up

He visited the State Department within a month of the election, even after the dossier was turned over to the FBI.

The man who created the infamous 'dossier' was at the Obama State Department during the weeks leading up to the election, even after officials said they handed the debunked dossier over to the FBI.

In many ways, it’s strange that Christopher Steele somehow became one of the biggest names of the 2016 presidential election season. He’s a British former intelligence officer, and he has literally nothing to do with American politics (in theory), so why would anyone care?

However, his dossier, based mostly on unverified claims from unnamed sources and paid for by various political actors including Hillary Clitnon, truly became a large story shortly after the election of President Donald Trump. His strange place in the political happenings of 2016 makes it all the stranger that just months before the election, while his dossier was likely already being used for FISA warrants (or was part of a plan to get such warrants), he was meeting with the State Department and ‘briefing’ officials on his farcical document. The more we learn about the days leading up to the election, the worse it looks.

During a meeting of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Chairman Richard Burr broke the news that Steele visited the State Department to brief ‘officials’ on his dossier in October 2016.

He didn’t visit the officials at some location outside of the country, either; he was in the United States, in Washington, D.C., a month before the election, talking about the now-infamous dossier.

Strangely, that visit had not been disclosed or discovered until now.

Chairman Burr revealed that they knew Steele had visited the State Department in D.C. during an interview with Victoria Nuland, who served the Barack Obama administration as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

Burr also pointed out that by the time government employees at the State Department and elsewhere were meeting with the former British intelligence officer, he was being paid to produce opposition research on Donald J. Trump by the Democrat Party through Fusion GPS.

As a former MI6 officer with experience in Moscow, Steele did seem like the kind of person who would be able to collect information about alleged Russian collusion. Instead, what he produced, and then shopped around to various government agencies, news agencies, and to Fusion GPS, was a document filled with claims that couldn’t be substantiated.

Between June 20, and Dec 13, the former intelligence officer wrote a whopping 17 separate reports for the dossier, which ended up being 35 pages in length by the end.

According to Nuland, she first saw the dossier in mid-July, and didn’t get to see the much mocked ‘finished’ product until it appeared in the media.

However, she also pointed out that she didn’t meet with Steele in October at all, and certainly not at Washington, D.C.

However, her claims that the State Department referred the dossier and the former intelligence officer to the Federal Bureau of Investigation seemed to fall flat, given that in October, he was still meeting with people at the department and showcasing his dossier.

She also said she had no idea who Steele met with to showcase his political opposition-piece ‘dossier’ that was being funded by the Democrat Party.

Another interesting subject that came up during the investigation is Jonathan Winer, a ‘longtime’ diplomat who left the Department of State shortly after Donald Trump took office in 2017.

Winer has admitted that he met with the former MI6 officer, and that they discussed his work as it related to President Trump.

However, it was Winer who passed the dossier around the office at the State Department, and he gave a summary of the ‘research’ paper-based almost entirely on scurrilous rumors to John Kerry, the former democrat Senator, presidential candidate, war protestor, and the Secretary of State after Hillary Clinton had vacated the position.

In a strange coincidence, he was also a source for the only two journalists who actually wrote articles based on Steele’s dossier prior to the election, Michael Isikoff and David Corn. To make things worse, they actually talked about their contacts with Winer in their recent book, Russian Roulette.

As of now, the State Department has not responded to requests for more information concerning Steele’s October 2016 visit, who he met with, or what the alleged purpose of the visit is.

More importantly, there’s no discussion about why employees were spending their time attempting to undermine the Trump campaign instead of doing their jobs.

The DOS has literally nothing to do with this document. Indeed, they should have, if they believed it to be genuine, handed it off to the FBI and been done with it.

Instead, apparently Christopher Steele repeatedly showed up to the agency, and the agency’s workers, in turn, continuously distributed his dossier to fellow government employees, and to two writers.

Sounds like yet another agency doing the work of the ‘deep state’ in the hopes of undermining the man who is currently the most powerful individual in the world.