PUBLISHED: 3:42 PM 13 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 5:04 PM 13 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Dossier Creator ADMITS Hiring ‘Government Official,’ Subpoena Delivers CIA Shock

It seems that the corruption went all the way to the very top.

It seems that the corruption went all the way to the very top.

The Fusion GPS story and how it relates to the badgering of President Donald Trump is becoming a real problem for those opposed to the White House. The Daily Caller is reporting that yesterday, the “co-founder of Trump dossier firm Fusion GPS confirmed in court filings” that he had a meeting with  a”Justice Department official Bruce Ohr.” It seems that the recent Republican-endorsed subpoena has delivered quite a shock, but that was not the end of it by any means.

Glenn Simpson also confessed to having hired Ohr’s wife to assist with the “opposition research firm’s investigation of ” the president. When all of the anti-Tump zealots involved in what Trump calls a “witch hunt” are added together (let us remember Mr. Peter Strzok), is it any wonder that such an obvious lie can appear to have legs?

Simpson admitted that the meeting took place only “weeks” following the victory of Donald Trump. It seems that since the left could not defeat him fairly, birthing a lie about how he cheated (when he did not) was the next best thing.

The co-founder even admitted that Fusion GPS also had a hand in this. They “hired Ohr’s wife, Nellie, to serve as a subcontractor on Trump-related work.” If all of this were happening in any other case in America, the corruption behind the so-called “facts” would have the case thrown out of court, as any lawyer will attest to.

However, when it comes to attacking the president, because he is not dancing the PC dance or professing to believe in lies like global warming, the controllers want to bring him down. That means poisoning him in the minds of his own people, by false means if necessary.

Simpson called Nellie Ohr “a former government official expert in Russian matters” and someone that Fusion was paying “to help our company with its research and analysis of Mr. Trump.” Now as if the whole nation had consumed tainted eggnog at one time, we are supposed to believe that these people are fairly portraying some Russian connection to Mr. Trump.

When Trump said that those against him would stoop of any low, he was not kidding. Facts appear to bore hi story out, too.

Most damning of all, Simpson and “Bruce Ohr also met last year with dossier author Christopher Steele.” This is the very dossier that the left is parading around as proof that Trump did something illegal or immoral in his triumph of “Crooked” Hillary. To put this into perspective, this is similar to a criminal getting to create his own evidence and using it to convict the judge!

While Ohr is said to be “stripped of one of his positions last Wednesday,” he STILL WORKS AT THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT. This fact sort of calls into question just how much “justice” is there.

Fusion’s lawyers appear nearly in a panic as they attempted to claim that this was all “part of a punitive effort by Chairman Nunes to retaliate against Fusion and to interfere with its constitutional rights.” They added, “The subpoena is an effort to harm Fusion and its associates. It seeks to divert attention away from, and interfere with, the investigation and to expose Fusion’s associations with other individuals and entities that have nothing to do with the Russia investigation.”

Nunes (pictured) was attacked by Fusion’s lawyers for simply doing his job.

If nothing else, those attorneys are crafty and rather clever. They make it sound like looking into the “associates” involved is a bad thing when that is what needs to happen long before any “attention” is used elsewhere. If those “associates” purposefully birthed a lie that the whole “investigation” is based on, then that would seem most prudent to do.

Only someone so opposed to Trump that they are willing to lower themselves to outright slander in order to see him fall would say otherwise.

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