Trump Slams Leftist Media

PUBLISHED: 9:33 PM 13 Jul 2018

Donald Trump Shoots Down Fakes News Employee

After months of harassment and dishonest reporting from the news agency and its employees, he has every right to respond that he won't take their questions.

When Jim Acosta harassed Donald Trump while he was answering questions for reporters, he should've foreseen how the president, with his quick wit, would shoot him down and make him regret demanding attention.

Since he began running for the presidency, Donald Trump has made no effort to point out that he is not a fan of many leftist ‘mainstream media’ outlets. In particular, he is not a fan of CNN, the people that it hires, and the ‘fake news’ that it puts out about him regularly.

So, when a member of CNN tried to bully his way into asking a question of President Trump, it was only predictable that he would not tolerate it. Still, what he said to the CNN journalist left him shocked; he told him that he “doesn’t take question” from fake news, scorching Acosta and his media agency yet again.

On Friday, during a joint press conference with Theresa May, the Prime Minister of England, CNN’s Jim Acosta wanted to ask a question of President Donald Trump. It was his turn to call on a reporter to allow them to ask a question when Acosta began shouting and demanding that he should get to ask a question because the president attacked CNN.

President Trump, without skipping a beat, completely ignored the obnoxious leftist who felt he was owed a question.

Instead, he called on John Roberts, a reporter with Fox News, and told him to go ahead with his question.

However, Acosta was not to be ignored. Even though the president had obviously and clearly made his selection of reporter, the CNN reporter rudely continued to demand a question of him.

Eventually, Trump gave the churlish reporter the attention he apparently craved, and told him “no” repeatedly.

Then he told him that the reason that he wasn’t going to give him a question is that CNN is fake news, and he wouldn’t take the question from fake news organizations, which was simply waiting for a soundbite to spin in the worst way possible.

Afterward, the president called on John Roberts of Fox News yet again, and said that he was going to take a question from a real network.

Acosta replied that his network was a ‘real’ network too, though by that time Roberts already had the microphone and had begun to ask his question.

Of course, there’s no reason for the President of the United States of America to take a question from CNN, which seems to have made it its mission to misinterpret everything that he does and show him in the worst light possible.

Leftists cheered Barack Obama’s decision to refuse to go on Fox News or answer their questions for much of his administration, and the fact that he repeatedly used the Presidential podium to insult them or suggest that they were biased.

Now, they complain that Donald Trump won’t interact with CNN, which is actually doing all the things they accused Fox of doing.

Furthermore, Jim Acosta has repeatedly been caught trying to create fake news stories to cast the president and his party in a negative light.  At the end of June, he attended a White House event where the most powerful man in the world was making remarks concerning the shooting at a newspaper in Baltimore.

Acosta was located far back in the room at this particular press conference, too far back for President Trump to hear him unless the room was completely silent.

He decided to fake a story, which likely would have talked about how the president wouldn’t respond to their question, which was designed to suggest that the Commander-in-Chief was somehow responsible for the Maryland shooter.

Someone captured video of Acosta yelling “will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people, sir” while others clapped.  Obviously, it wasn’t possible that he was heard, but he yelled again, just for show, while his crew appeared to record.

Then he turned around and the camera lights shut off, and it appeared as if he said something about having the shot.

What story was he likely to write with this dishonest footage?

Likely something with a title like “Donald Trump refuses to answer innocent question,” or “President Trump ignores responsibility for shooting.”

There’s a dirty little truth that Obama openly displayed while he was president, but that the political left refuses to accept when President Donald Trump does the same.

The president doesn’t owe any reporter an answer.  He doesn’t owe any news source an answer, in fact. If he decides to answer a question, even aggressive or loaded ones that Acosta seems to be so fond of asking, that’s his right.

If CNN wants answers, maybe they should start by being honest in their reporting.