Trump And Limbaugh

PUBLISHED: 10:26 PM 1 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 10:27 PM 1 Aug 2018

Donald Trump Calls Into Rush Limbaugh Show, Talks Politics

In a shocking turn of events, he called in to the famous conservative radio show and talked with the man behind the golden EIB microphone on a variety of topics.

Donald Trump called into the Rush Limbaugh show today to congratulate the man on thirty years of conservative broadcasting excellence, and to talk politics.

President Donald Trump has never been shy about getting his message across to the people in more public ways, whether that meant turning to Twitter so his words wouldn’t be edited before release or going on various news shows. This time, he decided to call into a famous Conservative radio station, the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Today, he made a call to the show, to talk to the man behind the golden EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) microphone, and congratulated Mr. Limbaugh for his 30 years of providing a conservative viewpoint across the United States. However, he also called to talk a little bit about what was going on in the United States, to blast ‘evil’ democrats in D.C., and to hint at a border wall ‘upset’ in the near future.

In the conversation, they touched on a number of topics, including the economy, immigration, and why President Donald J. Trump believes that shutting down the government in September, within a stone’s throw of the 2018 midterm elections, might be a good idea. Other reports rumor that the President will put off the showdown, but this interview tells different.

They also talked about how much the president has managed to accomplish, especially given the almost constant opposition he has faced from a political left that seemingly decided he was an ‘enemy’ from the minute he launched his campaign.

During the discussion, President Trump made a statement that some found to be shocking. He told El Rushbo that there were “a lot” of bad people in Washington D.C.

He even credited Mr. Limbaugh with knowing that for a long time, even before he was aware of that fact.

He continued on to say that he had no idea how evil some of them were, but that there were also some great people in D.C.

He also said that outside of capitol city, there were the greatest people in the world.

When speaking about the threatened shutdown, he said that it was like “pulling teeth” to get things done, and that he said that if there was a shutdown, then that would be the way it was.

He also suggested that the shutdown could take place after the election, but that a government shutdown before the election would be a “great political thing” because people want border security.

Perhaps, by forcing a shutdown in September, he could show the voters that republicans and Donald Trump are in favor of finally doing something about the border security issue and illegal immigration, after literally decades of false promises to do something about the border.

Rush Limbaugh agreed with the President, and suggested that it would be silly for him, or the party, to abandon the border security issue before the midterm elections by caving in to democrats.

One of the big problems with government shutdowns, especially during the Barack Obama era, is that no matter what the topic was, it seemed that the media portrayed the shutdown as the fault of republicans, and would run a number of stories about parks and monuments being closed, or how government workers weren’t going to be paid (and would instead get paid afterwards), and more.

However, perhaps most importantly, the discussion between President Trump and famed conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh showcased that the President understands how to use the political maneuver that the shutdown is to good effect.

Democrats under Obama repeatedly said that it was an example of republicans refusing to work with them, to ‘compromise.’

Now, a republican president with a long history of working with and against the media, who certainly seems to understand its use, has the opportunity to use a shutdown to push his version of events, and to paint democrats not only as weak on illegal immigration, but so weak on the topic that the government had to shut down in order to get them to do something about it.

He seems entirely happy upset the ‘applecart.’

Trump said, “I happen to think it’s a good thing politically. I’m not doing it for politics. I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do. So I’m not looking at politics. But I happen to think that border security would be a good thing before the election, but there are many people within our party that are good people that are like you that agree with you on everything you say. But they’d rather do it after. They don’t agree on doing it before, and I accept their opinion, but I happen to think it would be a good thing to do before. I actually think we’d get more and there’d be more pressure on the other side, because we’re doing it because the Democrats are not giving us the votes.”

Even if the media doesn’t cover it as a battle over border security that democrats have said they cared about since Ronald Reagan compromised and provided amnesty to illegals, Trump can take his view directly to the people via his Twitter feed, and via people like Rush Limbaugh.

It was an interesting conversation, and will be well worth the read when the transcripts are posted on the Rush Limbaugh website.

Best of all, though, it shows that despite speculation to the contrary, Donald Trump just might have a plan for a number of portions of his agenda, especially the ones American citizens care about.