DOJ Flynn Bombshell

PUBLISHED: 1:18 PM 6 Nov 2019
UPDATED: 6:18 PM 6 Nov 2019

DOJ Bombshell! Admits ‘Mistake’ In Flynn Prosecution Concerning Strzok Evidence

This is a huge development because it indicates that the FBI and DOJ are desperate to cover up the frame job they orchestrated against Michael Flynn, experts argue. .

The entire 'interview' evidence is unraveling. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Yesterday, Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack sent a letter to General Michael Flynn’s defense team, which contained a stunning admission.

In fact, it cuts to the heart of the ‘evidence’ used against Flynn in the spy-gate operation.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

In March 2018 the FBI presented notes taken by agents Pientka and Strzok, now they say they made a ‘mistake’.

For almost two years the DOJ misidentified, misattributed, and never corrected that the authors of the Flynn interview notes were actually reversed.

All of the notes attributed to FBI Agent Peter Strzok actually were taken by FBI Agent Joseph Pientka, and vice-versa:


What kind of f**kery is this?

The DOJ never confirmed the authorship of the FBI notes that are central to the FD-302, upon which the entire prosecution claim of Flynn lying to investigators is based? …Seriously?

The entire FBI case against Flynn; meaning the central element that he lied to FBI investigators (he didn’t); is predicated on the FD-302 interview reports generated by the two FBI agents; later discovered to have been edited, shaped and approved by Andrew McCabe….

And for almost two years the entire outline of their documented evidence has been misattributed?

C’mon man.  This is sketchy as heck.

Obviously what triggered this re-review of the notes was a smart [action] from the defense that highlighted how Peter Strzok’s notes were far too neat, organized and well-constructed to have been written during an actual interview. [SEE HERE]

For the prosecution to now reverse course and say the agent attribution was transposed, is either the biggest screw-up in a high profile case…. OR, the prosecution now needs to reverse the note-takers due to the exact, and common sense, reasons highlighted by the defense.

This is so far beyond sketchy the light from where sketchy emanates won’t reach this sketchy location for a year.

This ain’t no ordinary ‘whoops, my bad‘…. move along, move along folks.

So the prosecution didn’t change authorship of the individual FD-302 reports, but now changes authorship of the agent notes that underwrite the FD-302 reports?

Hopefully, at the very least, Judge Sullivan requests Agent Strzok and Agent Pientka to appear in his court and asks them to swear to the authorship.   This is nuts.

#VanGrack just advised by letter that he got the authors of the raw notes backwards!! Since March 2018 when first disclosed! All the more reason to require originals of everything without redactions, handwriting samples, all 302s, audit trail, metadata-entire file! @GenFlynn

— Sidney Powell ⭐⭐⭐ (@SidneyPowell1) November 5, 2019