Dog Vs. Bear

PUBLISHED: 5:46 PM 11 Jul 2019

Dog Goes After Bear, What Happens Next Stuns!

The dog takes his divine job seriously!


Dogs really are man’s best friend… and dogs and bears are natural enemies!

In a stunning video captured by a home surveillance camera, one man’s neighbor’s dog is seen taking on a bear in the back yard!

ABC 7 NY reported:

A New Jersey man is promising his neighbor’s dog a steak dinner after the pooch scared off a bear in his backyard.

It happened Tuesday night at Mark Stinziano’s Hewitt home.

Stinziano posted video on Facebook from his home security camera that captured the interaction between the black bear and Riley the dog. He said he had no idea what was going on.

“I was working in the garage. My wife was inside just watching TV, and the bear was back here having a snack,” he said.

[The bear was helping himself to some bird seed from a feeder he knocked down.]

The video shows the bear pulling down Stinziano’s bird feeder before Riley races in from the neighbor’s yard. The pup doesn’t hesitate or show any fear, barreling into the bear at full speed and chasing after it until the bear was gone.

“Riley-1 Bear-0,” Stinziano wrote on Facebook.

Riley’s owner Alan Tlusty said this is business as usual for his courageous canine.

“It’s incredible,” he said. “He does chase after the bear whenever he sees him in the yard … but not like this.”

Stinziano said Riley always checks in on his kids when they’re playing in the pool.

“Now he is keeping them safe!” he wrote.

Good job, fido! A dog like that deserves a reward!