Martial Law Docs?

PUBLISHED: 7:34 PM 20 Dec 2019

Documents Posted Online Show Soros Backed Plan To Issue Martial Law Under Obama?

The documents were posted on 4chan, according to infowars, and claim that unrest was planned and coordinated with the Baltimore Police Department in order to give Obama the power to declare martial law.

Whoa! Is this for real? (Source: Screengrab Info Wars)

In a very strange story that was discovered by InfoWars, a person posting to 4chan showed documents that outline a Nazi-like plan to create civil unrest in Baltimore, with the coordination of the police department, which would allow Barack Obama to invoke martial law.

Obviously, these documents have not been verified, but the incident is interesting especially given the facts of the Baltimore riots and the Obama Justice Department was actually caught staging protests.

InfoWars reported:

Internal documents appearing to belong to Friends of Democracy – George Soros’ son’s activist group – describe an acceleration of civil unrest to justify the rollout of martial law nationwide.

According to the docs, the group sought to use the protests over the death of Freddie Gray as a detonator for larger violent demonstrations in the Baltimore area.

“Do not worry about violent action, we have secured limited protections from friendly BWI officials and LE to permit some aggressive activity,” the memo states.

Dates mentioned in the documents, Saturday April 18, 2015 and April 25, coincide with Baltimore riot dates.

The organization also points out an “ideal post-action objective” would be “civil unrest that leads to deployment of martial law-like policies for BWI, creating a feedback loop.” In other words, a domino effect that would spread nationwide.

Events described in the documents have actually been observed nationwide by Antifa and from other Soros-funded orgs.

For example, in 2013 Judicial Watch revealed the Obama Justice Department was caught staging protests in Florida following the death of Trayvon Martin.

A full-page ad in the New York Times last November, secured by the George Soros-backed Refuse Fascism, similarly called for a “revolution” to upend the Trump/Pence regime.

If the documents are real, they would be damning evidence of collusion between far-left terrorist groups and law enforcement.

Incidentally, others point out that ‘friends of democracy’ would be the same as saying friends of mob rule. The United States is a Republic, with representatives who are elected democratically… big difference between that and a democracy, which is controlled by the majority.