Lockdown Defiance

PUBLISHED: 6:09 PM 16 Nov 2020

Doctor Calls For Patriots To Defy Lockdowns, Leftists Label It “Call For Violence”

Interestingly, practically no one on the left condemned the ACTUAL violence carried out against American citizens exercising their Constitutional Right to assemble in support of a political candidate… but this… this, to them, is unacceptable?

Scientific facts=violence to left. (Source: Black and Blond Media YouTube Screenshot)

This weekend, American citizens exercised their constitutional freedoms by participating in a massive march on Washington, D.C. to show their support of the President of The United States, Donald Trump, and their dispute of the stolen election results.

Biden supporters and other leftist groups waiting until dark, and then physically attacked children and families trying to return to their hotels.

Media outlets and democrats were silent.

However, when a physician, who logically and scientifically opposes further lockdowns to ‘combat’ COVID, encourages Americans to defy the arbitrary and dictatorial decrees by democrat governors…. That’s a “call to violence” according to their violent leftists.

NOQ Report reported:

Leftists and mainstream media hate Dr. Scott Atlas. They hate that he has the President’s ear and they hate that he’s not calling for everyone to cower in fear of a “pandemic” with a 99.996% recovery rate. That’s why it’s not surprising they clutched their pearls harder than they have in weeks when he posted a Tweet in response to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s newest lockdown announcement.

The only way this stops is if people rise up. You get what you accept. #FreedomMatters #StepUp https://t.co/8QKBszgKTM

— Scott W. Atlas (@SWAtlasHoover) November 15, 2020

He was calling on people to stand up and engage in good old fashioned non-compliance. Sprinkle in some peaceful protests and some much needed conservative votes and you can easily see what Dr. Atlas was saying when he called on people to “rise up.”

Of course, the left took it as a call for attacks against the Governor. As an alleged potential victim of an insane scheme by militia members to kidnap her, the left was particularly sensitive to mentioning her in the same sentence as “rise up.” They’ve been attacking him ever since, making his name trend on Twitter and prompting unhinged news articles claiming he’s starting an armed insurrection against the government of Michigan.

None of it’s true. As he noted in a subsequent Tweet, he sees state governments, including the leftist government of Whitmer, as the root cause of the lockdown mandates that have crippled not only the nation but most of the world. He invoked federalism, as he rightly should, to point people in the right direction to express their discontent with government. This is on the states, first and foremost.

Just to clarify the obvious.
US pandemic policy is:
Federally supported (massive resources, OWS, personnel, beds, logistics);
State managed; &
Locally implemented.
Want more mandates & lockdown? Contact your governor. That’s state controlled. Not federal. Period.#Federalism

— Scott W. Atlas (@SWAtlasHoover) November 16, 2020

We won’t post the attacks from social or mainstream media against Dr. Atlas. Frankly, they’re generally too ludicrous to deserve an ounce of attention. But since he was getting a flood of notifications calling him a militia leader, he did reply to the criticism.

Hey. I NEVER was talking at all about violence. People vote, people peacefully protest. NEVER would I endorse or incite violence. NEVER!! https://t.co/LljvwMvjDV

— Scott W. Atlas (@SWAtlasHoover) November 16, 2020

The left did as it is wont to do by going after one of the few sane medical voices who have the President’s ear. But as Dr. Atlas noted, it’s time for the people to have their voices heard. These draconian lockdowns must end now.