Top DNC Staffer Resigns

PUBLISHED: 12:10 AM 31 Jan 2018

DNC Top Staffer Makes Exit, Party Claims Personal Reasons

More top-level changes are not what the DNC needs right now.

The CEO of the Democratic National Committee unexpectedly resigns amid turbulent DC climate.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) lost another leader this week. After less than a year acting as Chief Executive Officer Jess O’Connell is stepping down. The top staffer she was in charge of day to day operations of the political organization. Spokespeople for the group claimed the announcement was a personal decision.

Promoted to CEO last May, O’Connell was seeking to help rebuild the fragmented party and assist the newly elected chairman, Tom Perez. She is the latest in a long string of career party members leaving the organization.

The party fired their director of finance at the end of 2017. After contributions and fundraising efforts began to decline, leadership decided to abandon Sanders base and installed a director of finance with closer Clinton ties.

The low level of enthusiasm expressed for the democratic party comes on the heels of a disastrous 2016. The DNC was exposed to be rigging their own primary under the leadership of Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

A congresswoman from Florida, Wasserman Shultz stepped down from her position as chairwoman of the party after she had shut down caucuses in Washington and Nevada. Denying the votes of Sanders supporters, she had colluded with the Clinton campaign before any filing with the Federal Election Committee (FEC), according to leaked emails.

One concerned staffer at the DNC took notice of the events transpiring around him and leaked the email communications of the organization to the whistleblowing website Wikileaks. Seth Rich was murdered on the streets of the capital and his assailant still walks free two years later.

As a legislator, Wasserman Shultz threatened the D.C. chief of police after he refused to surrender the laptop of the slain IT personnel. Upon hiring new IT administrators, the elected official dragged her party down after defending the Awan brothers in open testimony.

At the center of the House Server Scandal, the three Pakistani brothers and their Pakistani friend ran computer systems for multiple House members. Entering the country on the Visa Lottery program, the four were paid more than most members of Congress, from whom they also stole thousands of classified files.

Two of the brothers were detained while trying to flee the country on charges of bank fraud.

With the aroma of another democratic scandal in the air, the CEO has decided her job in fixing the sinking ship has come to an end. Asserting a couple Congressional wins is a sure sign of a healthy party, O’Connell has decided to part ways before the House Intelligence Committee releases their memo.

If some congress members are to be believed, the memo will result in senior officials and democratic leadership being arrested for their abuse of power.  Before investigations start, career civil servants are leaving the party.

Having served a senior role in Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, O’Connell could not help but be caught in the middle of another Clinton scandal.

The exiting CEO claims she advised the senator to fire a sexual predator. New reports have been breaking headlines this week about the Clinton staffer who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Multiple campaign members have come forward to declare they had recommended the termination of the aide. O’Connell is one of those members.

Knowing better than everyone around her, Hillary Clinton overruled her campaign staff and kept Strider on the campaign. The women who accused the Clinton ally found themselves working on different projects or out of a job.

Before the Clintons have another chance to tarnish the reputation she has tried to restore, O’Connell departs the DNC announcing the party is stable and reorganized for the better.

Claiming two Congressional seats for the party, the CEO will be leaving the DNC shortly before the deadline for campaigns to file with the FEC. This means she has no intention of being associated with the 2018 campaign season.

With no faith in the party to unite in 2018, the dedicated official will be leaving the position of CEO after nine months of reshaping the public image of the party.

Responsible for the “Every Zip Code Counts” effort, O’Connell tried to convince the party leadership they needed to interact with the public in order to get people to vote for them. Rather than shovel foreign cash into an election, O’Connell wanted Democrats to formulate a message for the common family and interact with urban citizens.

President Trump won the 2016 election because he was able to go to communities across multiple states and deliver a message that resonated with the people of America. The 2018 elections will see much of the same stamina from the president as he rallies for republicans filling over 30 seats in the House of Representatives.