PUBLISHED: 9:54 PM 20 Apr 2017

DNC Staffer Issues Stunning Claim, Revealing The Democrats’ Reason For Chaffetz Stepping Down

Chaffetz Stepping Down

Democrats Claim To Have The Reason On Why The Utah Republican Is Stepping Down.

Conspiracy theories are stories that most people think are amusing, but do not believe in the slightest because of how insane they are. However, there are some out there that will believe every single theory out there, even in the absence of proof. The Democrats have shown that they are a part of this group.

They couldn’t handle the fact that their Party got absolutely destroyed in the United States elections. So they were looking for someone else to blame other than themselves. That led to the “Russian hacking” incident that is still being discussed today. That theory states that Russia played a part in getting President Trump elected. The narrative has been used so often, Democrats are starting to apply it to other areas.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) stunned Washington yesterday when he said that he was not going to run for re-election. It’s a pretty significant loss for the GOP, as Chaffetz has been a highly noted figure. His sudden announcement has led people to wonder why. One Democratic Party spokeswoman claims to have the answer.

According to the spokeswoman, Adrienne Watson, Rep. Chaffetz’s decision “raises questions” about if Russia has dirt on him. As stated before, the Democrats are absolutely in love with this theory. The way that the staffer revealed her theory is a little odd as well.

Democrat screenshot

A Screenshot Of Watson’s Tweet, Which Doesn’t Make Sense.

Using Twitter, Watson, who is the Democratic National Committee’s deputy communications director, retweeted a conspiracy theorist’s tweet. Louise Mensch tweeted out, “Sources say there is kompromat on [Jason Chaffetz]; that this is why he turned and the [FBI] know it.”

Kompromat is actually a Russian term. It’s meaning is along the same as blackmail, as people use compromising material to force someone to work for Russia. So this conspiracy theorist is saying that Russia is blackmailing Chaffetz into doing their bidding, which explains why he wouldn’t run for re-election.

Watson’s retweet also contained a small note of her own. “Chaffetz not seeking re-election will raise more questions about this.” Except for a crucial detail; there is absolutely no evidence that this is the reason he is retiring. Not only that, but Mensch doesn’t have the greatest track record with conspiracy theories herself.


The Democrat’s Conspiracy Theory Behind Why Chaffetz Is Retiring Doesn’t Make Sense.

She once said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was the one that killed Andrew Breitbart, the conservative journalist who founded the website that bears his last name. Continuing the obsession with Russia, she also said that Anthony Weiner was sexting with Russian hackers, not an underage girl.

In other words, Mensch isn’t exactly someone that people should believe. As far as conspiracy theories go, she happens to believe in some of the worst ones out there. Unfortunately, there are others that are willingly going to believe what is said. Watson’s tweet was retweeted by yet another Democratic staffer, Joel Kasnetz.

However, the reason that Chaffetz gave for not seeking re-election was because he didn’t want to have a lifetime career in the public sector. He has “long advocated public service should be for a limited time and not a lifetime or full career.” That is something that the liberals of the nation are just not going to understand.

Chaffetz Investigating

Rep. Chaffetz Doesn’t Want To Spend A Career In The Public Sector.

How many of them have spent their entire careers in politics? For crying out loud, Hillary Clinton once proudly proclaimed that she had 30 years of experience in politics. How did that turn out for her? She lost in the election to someone that had never served before. That is what America wants. They don’t want the same people in there for 5, 6 or 7 terms. There is a reason that a President can only serve two terms. Just imagine if former President Obama was allowed to serve a third, or even fourth term.

Even if Chaffetz does decide to retire early, his time in the public sector will have been full of action. As the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he has gone after scandal after scandal. In fact, by the end of the calendar year, Chaffetz has said that there is going to be an indictment on Hillary Clinton. 

In another bold move by the House Oversight Committee, they are set to audit the federal reserve. This is a move that many people have been asking for a long time now. It would certainly provide a highlight into Chaffetz’s career.

While the decision by the Utah Republican certainly surprised everyone, Democrats believe it was because of a conspiracy theory. They really think that Russia has some incriminating evidence against Chaffetz, and THAT is the reason he will not be running. Democrats were crazy before the “Russian hacking” narrative took over, but this is just insane.