DNC Demands Refund

PUBLISHED: 7:11 PM 2 May 2018

DNC Officials Are Asking Hillary Clinton For Their Money Back

The DNC argues Clinton robbed them blind for years, and she should give some of it back to them.

DNC is demanding Clinton to give back the millions they paid her for information.

Several top Democratic National Committee leaders are asking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to give back $1.65 million that she received from the Democratic Party for her campaign email list and other voter data, according to WND. The DNC is broke, and they are desperate for money.

The DNC argues that during the 2016 presidential election, Clinton basically hijacked the committee. Her campaign took data, voter information, millions of email addresses, and rerouted roughly $84 million from state democrat chapters back into her election coffers. And now, top leaders want Clinton to do the “Christian” thing and give the money back.

Spoiler: there’s a zero percent chance Clinton is going to do the “Christian” thing and give a dime back to the DNC. Her stint in politics shows that money is her driving force, not compassion or progress.

In February 2017, the DNC gave Clinton’s political action organization, Onward Together, $1.65 million for access to her email list, donor information, analytics and resources.

Clinton claims the package was collectively worth more than $5 million. As part of the deal, Clinton’s team gave the DNC an in-kind donation of $3.5 million in resources, and the DNC paid the remaining balance.

Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile said the negotiations were very tough, claiming the Clinton campaign was far more concerned about getting more money than helping the DNC become more financially sound ahead of crucial midterm elections in November.

Brazile said she wanted to level the playing field, and tried to get as much from the Clinton campaign as she got from the DNC.

Several top democrats are literally begging Clinton to give the money back to the DNC, which is struggling with nearly insurmountable debt and can barely afford to keep the lights on.

Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairwoman, Martha Laning, and Missouri Democratic National Committeeman, Curtis Wylde have been pleading with Clinton to return the case and resources.

DNC official Brian Wahby echoed a similar tune, saying “it would be a Christian thing to do” for Clinton to return the money and resources.

The DNC’s biggest mistake was that it trusted Clinton during the election. They allowed Clinton to take everything she wanted, run the entire operation, and funnel $84 million from state democrat groups — and she burned them.

Clinton also made the DNC pay her $1.65 million for the data and analytics she collected from the Democratic Party. She hustled them, and now that the DNC is millions of dollars in debt ahead of major elections, they are begging Clinton for the money back.

Newsflash: she’s not going to give a single penny back to the DNC.