Dems Turn On Member

PUBLISHED: 8:55 PM 4 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 8:56 PM 4 Apr 2018

DNC Member Fails To Use Politically Correct Term, Party Turns On Him

He apologized and says it was a mistake.

Activists in the DNC are still pushing, two months later, for some sort of punishment for John Parker and his poor word choice.

In recent years, the offended and triggered leftists have further expanded their list of ‘banned’ terms, words that people can’t say. There were always words not meant for polite company, of course, but these ‘banned’ terms were more than that. They were terms that could ruin a career or a life.

And now, apparently ‘colored people’ is on the list of such terms. At least, black activists in the state of Florida think that the use of the phrase ‘colored people’ is enough to bring about the end of someone’s career. They’ve been clamoring for the removal of a member of the local DNC from his position for more than two months, all due to his use of the phrase.

On January 22, while talking at a party meeting, Florida Democratic National Committee member John Parker offended apparently, everyone. During the meeting in the Burrito Gallery in Jacksonville, John Parker made a reference to ‘colored people’ rather than the more acceptable (for now) ‘people of color.’

That began cries of outrage from the black community in the Democrat National Committee and its Florida associates.

Now, according to Parker and black activists, they are pushing for Parker to resign from the Florida DNC entirely.

According to ‘African-American’ activists, the use of the phrase ‘colored people’ was so egregious that two months after the fact, they are still demanding the resignation of John Parker from his position as DNC committeeman for Duval County.

Diallo-Sekou Seabrooks, head of the Black Commission in Jacksonville, demanded to know “why would [he] still think that ‘colored’ was cool?” Seabrooks went on to say that ‘colored’ was “Jim Crow” terminology that was no longer acceptable in this modern age.

Some who attended the now-infamous ‘Burrito meeting’ suggested that this wasn’t the first time that John Parker said something racist, or vaguely racist, during meetings.

Activists and others present at various DNC events accused Parker of calling the ‘Working People Caucus’ the ‘Poor Black People Working Caucus.’

He’s also accused of using other ‘racist’ phrases, such as using the phrase “the mayor’s mammy” in a description.

For his part, Parker claims that he simply misspoke, and that when he said ‘colored people,’ he meant to use the more politically-acceptable variant, ‘people of color’ instead.

He also claimed, outright, that he never used pejorative terms to describe people of color before, and outright denied claims to the contrary.

According to Seabrooks, Parker made the statement during a discussion on consolidation in Jacksonville, and the impact that it would have on the local black community.

Seabrooks also said that he’s old enough to understand when people use such terms in jest, and that there was no humor in Parker’s use of the term.

In an unusual twist, John Parker is not only hearing calls for his resignation from the black activist community, but also from his wife, Lisa King.

She even released a statement in which she condemned him for what he said, though she also defended him by saying that she never heard her husband refer to black people as anything other than black or African-American at home.

She also mentioned her history of activism, and how the two of them met through activism.

Hazel Gillis, a member of the Duval County Democratic Black Caucus who competed with Lisa King for the position of Chairman just last year, said that she was still waiting for the result of a grievance filed with the state party last month.

While activists like Diallo-Sekou Seabrooks call for his resignation, the Republican Party is also calling for the resignation of both Parker and his wife, King.

On one hand, it’s interesting to see the Democrat Party eat its own. The DNC spent much of the last few years pushing extreme ‘social justice’ ideologies.

However, on the other, the idea that ‘colored people’ is somehow offensive is a silly one. One of the top civil rights organizations in existence, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, still proudly uses the term to describe themselves and their aims, after all.

There aren’t many people who are so hysterical that they would honestly declare the NAACP a ‘racist’ organization for using the term ‘colored people’ in their name.

It’s time for the DNC to make a choice concerning their stance on ‘offensive’ words. Either they’re going to spend the next few decades of their existence apologizing every time a word offends any group, or they might be able to attract voters to their cause.