PUBLISHED: 12:31 AM 18 Jan 2018

DNC Leadership Lied: “Pattern Of Login Activity” Shows 15 Congressional Servers Breached Months After

Bryan Zormeier by

Imran Awan was detained by the FBI for bank fraud moments before he was able to flee to Pakistan.

Imran Awan was detained by the FBI for bank fraud moments before he was able to flee to Pakistan.

As investigations continue, democratic party leadership are proven to have lied in previous testimonies. Trying to downplay the role played by Pakistani technical aides, members of Congress lied to house committees regarded cyber security procedures. The Awan brothers, permitted in the United States by the Diversity Visa Lottery program, have been paid millions of tax dollars to steal and subvert information from America.

The congressional computer systems were breached months before Imran was detained while he was attempting to flee the country. Because of the democratic leadership who employed them, investigations into the matter have been halted and set back after new testimony and documents indicate elected officials are lying.

The IT aides were given unauthorized access to congressional servers in 2016. They were able to login as members of Congress and gain access to details about staffers from members of the House of Representatives. The four-month investigation has classed their behavior as classic espionage. The internal probe also discovered the actors continued their actions after they had been directed to stop.

Evidence indicates that multiple members had their information stored on inappropriate servers as opposed to their federally designated server location. The illegal server has since been stolen. The physical hardware housing congressional information is missing.

Reports are indicating 44 democrats have had their information stolen. The House office of the Inspector General issued the briefing titled, “UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS”. The document alleges five people have gained control of 15 offices and the entire Democratic Caucus.

Headed by Representative Xavier Becerra (D-Ca) the Democratic Caucus is a sister group to the Democratic National Committee. The server was found to be reading and removing information as well as being able to store documents removed from the office space.

The Pakistani aides previously employed are the family members of now detained Imran Awan. His wife Hina Alvi accompanied with his brothers Abid and Jamal were hired as aides with Imran. The fifth administrator was Imran’s close personal friend, Rao Abbas. While these five were born in Pakistan, Abid’s wife Natalia Sova was born in Ukraine and had left the House payroll before the investigation began.

The report showed statistics correlating their activities, after being fired from certain offices, continued to worsen throughout the 2016 election. The applet Dropbox was found installed on multiple computers leading investigators to believe information was stolen and shared. Thousands of files were found inside the Dropbox.

When questioned in July, House members claimed the Awan family used the server to house their children’s homework and family photos. Based on file names uncovered by the House probe, much of the information stored on the server likely contained sensitive information.

Many employers of the tech aides claimed to have had no information about their activities or demanded to see evidence of any wrongdoing. There is evidence to support the current investigation of bank fraud. Representatives Emmanuel Cleaver (D-Mo), Ted Lieu (D-Ca) and Joaquin Castro (D-Tx) both employed the group and both refused to cooperate with legislatures.


The Democratic National Committee has likened themselves to a mafia. Leaker and murdered whistleblower, Seth Rich is the only murder of the last 18 month in Washington D.C. without a DCPD YouTube video. John Podesta wrote in an email, he was ok with making an example of a suspected leaker regardless of guilt or intent. The Russian hack of the DNC was committed by a young staffer who witnessed crimes being committed.

Former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fl) refused to fire the brothers and had plans to continue paying them while they live in Pakistan. After the FBI had detained Imran, Schultz continued to pay the staffers as much as most congressional members. The congresswomen, accused of rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders, told investigators she did not want to be racist and therefore did not fire Imran after learning of the bank fraud charges.

The charges came after the brothers had transferred money from the House bank directly to Pakistani and promptly attempted to leave the country. The Awans had no training or clearance to hold the position they had. The server they were tasked with administrating disappeared while in police custody and replaced with a different computer.

(Remember the time Debbie W.S.  threatened the capital police chief after he refused to turn over the computer of democratic whistleblower Seth Rich.)

The investigation has identified several policies and procedures that have been violated and federal laws that have been broken by actions of both elected officials and the staff they employ. Over a year later, and still no charges have been brought against the foreign nationals.

The suspicious activities and cyber-crimes committed by the DNC and their staffers indicate a larger cover up and abuse of the current immigration system to commit treason and espionage.