Putin blamed again!

PUBLISHED: 4:51 PM 15 Jun 2018

DNC Halted ON Rules Change Over Baseless Russian Accusation

The DNC sees Russia behind every bush and it is starting to take a toll on the party

Putin (pictured) is being blamed for issues that are stopping the DNC from doing their job. The obsession on the left is clearly taking them over.

The Russia is a phobia among democrats is insane. Under every rock, behind every bush, some liberal has bought into the lie that Russia is ready to hack systems, steal elections, and start a nuclear war. Now, as the Huffington Post has confirmed, on democrat fears the that the DNC is now under Putin‘s shadow.

The left is so obsessed with Russia that they likely see bears in their dreams and vodka in mere drinking water. The DNC wants to “reform to the party’s presidential nominating process” but are timid about it because “a leading California Democrat to question whether Russian meddling is behind the effort.” They are suffering from what could be called, “Russia madness.”

Bob Mulholland, the Democrat who made the strange accusation has no proof to back up the claim. In fact, one member called the accusation outright ’embarrassing.’ At the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, there was a lot of noise about taking some of the tyrannical power away from superdelegates, a system of voting that helped allow for the cheating of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The Democratic Nation Convention wants to stop “them from having a vote on the convention’s first ballot.

The superdelegates basically vote however they wish, and the desire of the people is often negated in this process. DNC Chairman Tom Perez fully supports the needed change, but Deputy Chairman and Minnesota House member Keith Ellison, “Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia and top Sanders ally Larry Cohen, a small band of DNC members and some Democrats in Congress” are against the idea, Politico has reported.

During this whole messy debate, democrat powerhouse Mulholland wrote a letter saying that Vladimir Putin was behind the idea. Perhaps Putin is a closet Bernie fan. Who knew?

The reason for Mulholland thinking this is as confusing as his letter. One activist in West Virginia was at Democrat Party gatherings and admitted to voting for Green Party Candidate, Jill Stein.

I concluded someone is picking up her expenses but there she and others are, demanding we change our Rules,” concluded Mulholland. “The Putin operation is still active.”

This shows that the left is so obsessed with Putin that, rather than questioning if the Green Party or anyone against Clinton could be paying for this West Virginian’s tab, leftists see only Putin. It has now reached a level of an obsession.

There is not even any proof that anyone paid this person’s way, as a matter of fact.

Still, the paranoid democrat added, “when people show up who have no connection to the party and they show up at events, requiring transportation of hundreds of miles, I always think they’re working for somebody.”

And, of course, that someone must be Putin, right? Why, of course. Mulholland makes that clear by saying, “I’m a big believer that Putin has not let off the gas. Anyone who thinks Putin would not be interfering with future elections needs to have their head examined.” Somehow, the left in America thinks that Russia was the first nation to ever try and sway an election.

The truth is, spooks and spies have always tried to gather data from any reference that they can to gain the upper hand, including the U.S. Because the left wants to smear Mr. Trump with Russia, however, they are the omnipresent bad guys for everything. This is good news for the G.O.P. and other parties.

Michael Kapp is a DNC member said that the Putin blaming, in this case, was a “completely unsubstantiated allegation.” He also added that “it would be laughable if it wasn’t so embarrassing.”

Isn’t that the state of the entire Democratic Party at this point? What is more embarrassing than having the front-runner, cheating him, and having the other party win? What can be more of a black eye than Mrs. Clinton and Sanders not joining on the same ticket because one or both of them had too much pride?

Putin did not cause any of that. Thankfully, these foolish decisions were made fully by the DNC with no help needed from the big bear at all. Hopefully, they keep bickering, too.

After all, 2020 isn’t that far away and Donald Trump isn’t done yet.